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Print project: Fragments is up! · 10:42pm Aug 13th, 2019

The final test printing arrived today, and it came back perfect. No more lingering font formatting issues. As of now, the whole trilogy is online! Thanks again for your patience, and to everyone who encouraged me to see this through.

When I started doing this, I never thought I'd hold a physical copy of my ponywords. It never even occurred to me that it could be a thing. It certainly never entered my mind that so many would be interested enough to buy a physical copy of stories I had published online for free. And you know what? It's a pretty awesome feeling. You're all awesome. Thank you all so much. :twilightsmile:

Fragments: https://www.lulu.com/en/us/shop/phoenix-/fragments/hardcover/product-1665wz4y.html

Without a Hive: https://www.lulu.com/en/us/shop/phoenix-/without-a-hive/hardcover/product-15648mpp.html

A New Way: https://www.lulu.com/en/us/shop/phoenix-/a-new-way/hardcover/product-1wk4wdwn.html

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I think the Lulu press had a few lingering issues with the left pages, right side of the page, smudging slightly. Maybe humidity. Grats! I'll add a link to my blog post for here.

*Looks at his 16 pony books*

Man, I took me quite a while to get those. Mostly because not many authors publish their stories. But I like this Bronycon bookstore business. I have another 8 books on the way now, including these three <3.

Huh, that's weird. None of the prints I've gotten have had that. Yeah, maybe humidity. I suppose the other option is a print error, which I really hope isn't the case. :twilightoops:

Also, thank you for the link! Although it seems to go to a fifty year old auto-body commercial. :rainbowlaugh:

5105551 (??) (checks) (Ohheck) (fixes) Ahem. There we go. Serves me right to be posting on Twitter while reading FimFiction.

I am honored to have played some small part in fulfilling this awesome feeling for you and am loving both copies of Without a Hive sitting on my bookshelf (nestled comfortably between Past Sins and Fallout Equestria).

I do have a question though, how long do you foresee these books being available? I am still recovering from BronyCon. :derpytongue2: I spent too much this month already.

However long Lulu keeps them going! Which as I understand is that they only get removed if they're private and haven't had any activity for a while (I've heard at least six months, likely longer). I doubt you have anything to worry about :twilightsmile:

I wouldn't at all know what it's like to paste a link to something only to later realize it was NOT the link I thought it was... :twilightblush:

Just received the first two today in the mail beautiful covers. To bad the family looks down upon me for reading this stuff so they are hidden in plain sight on my bookshelf with out the covers.

Yeah, viwrastupr did some amazing work on those covers!

And as many of my changeling characters will say, hiding in plain sight is often the best place to hide :twilightsmile:


I just placed my order for without a hive. I finally decided to bite the bullet and get one of my favorite fics, it'll be the first fic I get in print.

Oh, wow! That's really cool to hear. Thank you! :twilightsmile:


yep, I got a kindle a long time ago and never really looked back. I decided to get this one though, i'm trying to get a copy of fallout equestria, but I didn't learn about the print until a few days ago so that's more of a hope.

Everything sold out too fast at the BronyCon Bookstore. Everything at BronyCon sold out too fast X3;

Physical book of The Chrysalis when?


Physical book of The Chrysalis when?


(But more seriously, probably a month or two. Depends on how quickly I get the cover art commissions done)

Just received all three! Super happy to have them included in my collection!

Fragments and A New Way links are giving me a 404. Are they no longer availiable?

Oh boy. Looks like Lulu did a big site update, and it broke so much stuff. Part of that seems to be changing the URLs for the books, and for some reason only giving a redirect for some of them. And Fragments and A New Way were not among them.

I've updated all the links, which hopefully work now. Then again, considering how messed up their site is now, and how they're still trying to fix the update and migrate things over (Hell, they broke logging in!), I have my doubts it'll remain working for long. I'll try to keep an eye on it in case they change again.

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