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Scampy's Adventures at B̶r̶o̶n̶y̶C̶o̶n DuckCon 2K19 - Days 0 and 1 · 5:56pm Aug 12th, 2019


So I went to a Horse Duck Convention. It was pretty rad, gotta say, and that's entirely owed to the rad people I met there.

Let me preface this by saying that any and all images of me will be entirely unedited. That said, to protect the anonymity of others, I have photoshopped various cartoon faces onto their own. I did so on my phone, cuz of course I didn't bring my desktop with me to the convention, so forgive the less-than-perfect quality of these edits. Again, this does not apply to images of me. I have not photoshopped (phonoshopped...?) anything over my own face. Absolutely never. Never ever.

DuckCon 2K19!
Pictured left to right: Scampy (me!), Duck, fourths, Csquared08

As I said, I have edited adorable faces over the others to protect their privacy. However, I don't give a heck about myself so my face is exposed for all the world to see.


So! I arrived late Wednesday and met up with the lovely and precious and wonderful fourths, with whom I was sharing a hotel room. After struggling with the joy that is finding our rideshare driver in the 90+ degree Baltimore heat, we headed off to the hotel. There really wasn't much to do this first night. We went to the convention center, but the line to pick up our tags had closed by that time. RIP in heck, and all that jazz.

Before falling asleep, I—being the good, clean, pure waterfowl-fearing Catholic that I am was—said my prayers to the Divine Duck.

Scampy pleads with the Divine Duck to bless her with good tidings and breadcrumbs.


Real talk? Real talk. I'm not an extrovert by any means, and the prospect of spending all day surrounded by people I barely or didn't know was a Big Spooky Trouble. I expected to spend most of the day hiding behind fourths and awkwardly meeping at anyone else who spoke to me.

First thing we did was get our passes. We ran into Swan Song and Autumn Rush, who were welcoming and kind to an anxious little child like myself. It was my first interaction at the convention proper and really set me off on the right foot, so I can't thank them enough for that.

Just two cool kids hangin' around at DuckCon.

After wandering around for a bit, we ran into several people fourths knew. I'd heard a few names, but for the most part I was just kinda tagging along, waving and mumbling hellos as necessary. It got easier with time, though, and soon enough I was socializing. Scandalous, I know. Your auntie Scampy talking to people? What horrors!

One of the recognizable names I met was Wanderer D. It's been a running joke between myself and some friggin' whorl-toothed nerd that he would read my stuff eventually, but the day would never actually come—until I wrote The Time We Have Left. I guess extremely depressing sadfics like Last Light and Best Left Forgotten weren't enough, and I had to get gratuitous. Needless to say, it was cool to be recognized at the con by someone so prominent, and it only helped that he's just a really good bean.



This heckin' guy.

Csquared was one of the first people I knew from ponydom, waaaaaay back in the day. I didn't even know he'd be at DuckCon until just days before, and certainly not soon enough to properly prepare my delicate little Scampy brain. I feared the worst, expecting to be incessantly heckled into oblivion by the end of the first day.

As it turns out, C2 has a weakness—his doofy Santa hat. Just one bop, and his heckling abilities are neutralized for a few minutes. This, of course, necessitates several hat bops per hour, something I was more than happy to perform. This knowledge would be very, very useful in later days.

Cool kids at DuckCon, part two.

We hung around for a bit longer then went back to the hotel. Good day overall, and the slower pace and early exit helped acclimate me to the whole constantly-being-around-people thing.

These first two days weren't nearly as eventful as the later ones, so I'm gonna call it here. I'll likely do another blog for Days 2 and 3, then one more for Days 4 and 5. Unless, of course, no one gives a dusty frick about it, which is entirely possible. Either way, I sincerely hope y'all enjoyed this recounting of my perspective that no one really cares about. I certainly enjoyed living it, and I imagine any future blog posts will be up sooner rather than later.

Until then, Praise the Duck.

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I have not photoshopped anything over my own face. Absolutely never. Never ever.

This is $100% true, I can confirm.

Also damn I look good in that shirt.

Hat bops!

and certainly not soon enough to properly prepare my delicate little Scampy brain

So this is why you spent the whole time hiding behind fourths :trollestia:

I feared the worst, expecting to be incessantly heckled into oblivion by the end of the first day.

I dunno, I did a lot of heckling day 1. Especially about unfinished food.

She told me before we met you that she probably was just going to hide behind me and not really talk. You know about how well that worked out. :rainbowwild:

wtf april you told on me??? how could you do this i thought you loved me


Those sound like spoilers to me

wtf I do love you tho :raritystarry:

[Approving and Overjoyed Duck Sounds]


How did you manage to get your heads photoshopped on such realistic bodies?!

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