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Trick Question

Being against evil doesn't make you good.

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  • 1 week
    New Heart on Sleeve

    I've just posted what may be the most personal story I've ever written, given that my middle name is Trixie, my nickname ever since high school is Trickster, and my mother has dementia. There are other deep parallels I'd rather not discuss here.

    EThe Longest Curtain Call
    Despite dementia, Jack Pot still remembers his son. Unfortunately, Trixie isn't her father's son anymore.
    Trick Question · 4.7k words  ·  86  34 · 466 views

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  • 2 weeks
    Feedback needed on my story ratings (long).

    I need to change a few things regarding some of my stories, and I could use your feedback. This will be a long post.

    ...starting to think @Witch_Taunter is my spirit animal

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  • 3 weeks
    Pride and Negativity

    Sex with kids is dangerous, traumatic, and unethical. Nopony currently on Fimfiction is advocating for this.

    Bullying is bad. Most people who reacted to PC did so appropriately; criticism is not bullying. There was still plenty of bullying.

    Being against evil doesn't make you good. (Hemmingway) This absolutely applies to both of the above.

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  • 4 weeks
    New Stuff

    I just posted a very personal story for the Pride and Positivity event:

    EThe Third Pony
    Trixie nervously refers to herself in the third pony when Maud is around, and Starlight wants to know why. Is it because they're both transgender?
    Trick Question · 6.6k words  ·  74  38 · 489 views

    A sequel, set many years in the future, is on the way. More blog soon.

    Also, this tool to search FiM scripts is awesome.

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  • 8 weeks
    This one is important.

    I know most of what I do lately is signal boosting bronies in distress, though I'm starting to get a little better lately so maybe I'll have more to say soon.

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Buy Some Apples... I Mean, My Book · 1:30am Aug 11th, 2019

I have a website set up now to sell my First Printing book overstock while supplies last (I have a couple dozen to spare).

Price is $24 for US shipping, which includes tax and S&H. Contact me if you do not live in the country of arbitrary gun violence and I will get an updated price to you. (The price on Lulu for later editions will be $25 plus tax and shipping extra, and I can't sign copies from Lulu.)

Book is not available anymore! When it becomes available, there will be a link provided in my bio.

Okay! Now to other things I need to do before I go crazy. Also I should probably post on my Patreon someday about this.

Comments ( 14 )

Got one already! :twilightsmile:

I was just reading my copy this evening!

Picked up a copy at BC. It is currently in the hands of my wife, who is slowly being wooed to the appreciation of horsewords. :pinkiehappy:

(Though I have been kicking myself about not getting it signed, which would've required only slightly greater coordination that I seem to have mustered last weekend. But alas, as least I got a copy!)

Thank you for selling the book here too! I just ordered one

Okay so maybe I shelled out on a lot of other books before becoming a mostly broke college freshman but d a r n
That’s a super nice cover
I’ll keep track of this one

Added you to my link page. My organizational skills this month have drained down to "Feeds self - mostly"

It's such a lovely book with lovely quality demands a lovely, permanent spot on my pony bookshelf. Thank you for making a wonderful book.


Yes, I really love the OG changelings.
Thank you, octascratch is my OTP. Been shipping them since the beginning!

I hear "ScratchTavia" more often, I think?

I think my OTP would have to be TrixGlim. They complement each other so well, and I want Trixie to find happiness and a little humility. :trixieshiftright:

Close runners-up include classic :moustache::raritywink:, and any form of Twicest whatsoever. :twilightblush:

Oh, also, did you read my recent minific with Vinyl Scratch in it? I think you might enjoy it:

TCheerilee's Guilt Trip
A young Cheerilee has an epiphany when Vinyl Scratch helps her through an embarrassing situation.
Trick Question · 1.8k words  ·  44  3 · 562 views

Just read it I really enjoyed it. short fics are some of the best.

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