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How to get my Bronycon 2019 Bookstore Books Online! · 3:29pm Aug 9th, 2019

As promised time and again, here is my blog detailing how to order a copy of one of the books I offered at the Golden Oaks Bookstore in the Bronycon 2019 vendor hall.

I'm following in the hoof steps of Ponyfeather Publishing. If you haven't heard of Ponyfeather Publishing, it's an effort by RBDash47 to make publication-quality MLP:FiM fanfiction available to the community at large. This is very similar to what Ministry of Image does, though RBDash47 is leveraging a somewhat unique setup to make it possible without having to manage shipping-and-handling himself. And if you're interested in getting more physical copies of horse words, you should head over to Ponyfeather Publishing to see their offerings. Also, be sure to check the "Friends of PFP" tab. A lot of the non-PFP books that were available at Bronycon can be found in that Friends section.

So yeah, I mimicked PFP's set up to make my books available. Just... don't go hog wild and don't go sharing the links on social media. Otherwise, this unique setup may get kiboshed by the powers that be.

A final note: I don't see any profits from these. All books are being sold basically at-cost to keep them as affordable as possible (among other reasons.) Still, if you do want to toss a few bits my way after getting one of these books for yourself, I've set up a very simple Ko-fi account. You may have even noticed that I have a pretty little graphic for it on my profile page.

All right, enough jibber-jabber. Time for books!

Past Sins

Available through the Ministry of Image!

The Life & Times of Nyx

Availble through print-on-demand publishing! (Keep it under your hat so it doesn't have to go away.)
Contains these stories: First Hours, Trinkets, Nightmare or Nyx, Winter Bells, The Road Home, Glimpses

Face the Dark Anthology

Availble through print-on-demand publishing! (Keep it under your hat.)
Contains these stories: Into The Depths, From The Depths, Sunset Slayer, Morsel of Truth

Comments ( 20 )

SOLD!(I look forward to getting my copy of Life and Times)

as i couldn't come to BC i might do some book shopping, have 2nd print Past sins but might order the 2 LULU prints. does anyone have a good list of printable fim book list?

Wonderful. I've been tagging the various authors and their blog posts at the tail end of my blog post on the Lulu available books. Just added yours.

THANK YOU! I just placed my order for The Life and Times of Nyx! I can't wait! :pinkiehappy:

(hey, looks like the "Available through..." link on the Face The Dark Anthology goes to the Nyx one, though the title link is correct)

Oopsie! Fixed it!

I have my second edition copy of past sins on top shelf of my book case and I will soon have the life and times of Nyx

Thank you so very much Pen Stroke! I've been eyeballing my e-mails just for this to show up. Hopefully I can get one before there are too many orders!
-Sincerely, "that one dude that was so stoked to have his second edition "Past Sins" signed by you at BronyCon!"

You've got yourself a buyer! Thank you for all the work you've put into this Pen Stroke.

Awesome! Question: Are these limited time, or...?

I currently do not have the intention of setting a time limit.

Is there any kind of time limit on ordering? Im a bit short on cash right now but will have it in about a month or so. Will i still be able to order these thru lulu?

I was disappointed that I couldn't find any of your books at Bronycon, since they were sold out almost immediately. However, I am glad I was able to find them on sale through lulu. Already had the second printing of past sins, but I love Nyx, so glad to be able to get the book collection. Can't wait for them to get in! Thank you for making more copies available!

There is no time limit.

Just ordered mine! :D

I know this might sound stupid but do I need an account on Lulu and/or Ministry of Images to buy either of your books?

Ministry of Image, no. Lulu... I don't think so.

Thanks, and no account on Lulu.

Just got a copy of The Life & Times of Nyx.

Just got a copy of Past sins

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