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THE NIGHT IS PASSING in Print · 3:05am Aug 8th, 2019

So... it's in print. And more than that, it's sold out! Well, it was at Bronycon. I'm floored and humbled, and I might write a bit about it later. But for now, a PSA from RBDash47

Anybody who couldn't make it to BronyCon -- or who did and missed out on titles you were interested in at the bookstore -- now's your chance: please swing by ponyfeatherpublishing.com to buy books at cost for direct shipping to your home. And make sure to take note of the new nav menu item, Friends of PFP, for more print-on-demand books to add to your cart!

Even better, use coupon code ONEFIVE in your Lulu cart to save 15% off your purchase price.

Digital editions of all 12 titles will be forthcoming over the next month or two as I have time to build them, and I'm already working on more titles to add to the PFP library.

Happy reading!

The print version is absolutely beautiful, and I cannot recommend it enough. I've ordered mine, and I'm eager to just... have it in my hands. If you enjoyed Night, consider it! There's art! It's been cleaned up! RBDash47 did the Herculean task of fixing all of my mistakes!

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Comments ( 18 )

huh, I didn't spot this in the store. I don't think I saw it in the catalogue either.

bold of you to assume I haven’t already ordered a full set to devour

Out of curiosity, are the edits and cleanups present on the physical version also present on fimfic?

It's not listed for sale so is that it and you can't buy a physical copy anymore?

Whoops nevermind I figured it out.

And, bought.

I'd get it if I hadn't already printed it out for myself completely different from those ones.:facehoof::flutterrage:

Not yet! I'd like to do that but its frankly kind of daunting.

I ordered all 3 volumes in paperback. I wish I could get the hardcovers, but I spent $250 on all the books, so I had to make some sacrifices. D:

Site Blogger

That's on me -- once I have the ebooks built I can give you BBCode you can just dump into FIMFic.

It's been a while since I've had enough time to return to that story. Buying the hardcover of Volume III seems like a good excuse to...holysmeg, SaddlesoapOpera!!

I picked up one of these! I was too slow to get a hard copy, but I'm super pumped to read the one I got!

Holy poops, didn't know it was a set! Thought it was one big ol' book!

Also I had the misfortune of not seeing the bookshelf until it was almost empty Sunday. Did get one book, Through the Well of Pirene. Gonna grab this set soon then!

Oh darn, the coupon isn't valid anymore :c

Site Blogger

It literally can't fit in one book (without doing an expensive custom print run on bible paper or something)!

Ah! Didn't know that there was a physical limit! Saw some chunky ones on the bookshelf and just assumed that short of a million words of something insane that it'd fit. Makes sense!

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Different printing services'll have different limitations, for sure. Lulu can do up to 740 pages in a paperback, so that was my limit.

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