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  • 66 weeks
    Melio Fauna Journal 1

    i guess i have to write in this thing i got from the store here in trottingham after i bought my bar/restaurant here. Ah you might be confused the name is Meliodas well was now the name is Melio Fauna nice name i guess but just call me Melio, well i'm getting off track after ahem entering trottingham or this realm i guess feels weird becoming a pony or equine or whatever their now me called so

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  • 72 weeks
    soooo my internet is off

    yea now i can only do limited shit so creating ocs are out

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  • 74 weeks
    sooooo two new OC's huh

    one the old goddess of wrath and love before princess cadence was crowned it she's sadistic and lovely at the same.
    two a colt who went unconscious suddenly waking up to have time break abilities.

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  • 75 weeks
    my little brother got robbed

    it looks like he did just god damn it why can't anyone just not rob somebody fuck it i wish my brother was more aware damn it it pisses me off

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  • 75 weeks
    so i have four new OC's that i made today

    but i don't know what back story to give them

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Agent frostbite profile · 12:13am Aug 8th, 2019

Name: Frostbite (Glacial Amethyst)
Age: 17 (23)
Description: agent frostbite or glacial amethyst someone the hire up hired to clean up what they say is our mess. the bitch thinks she's all that and thinks she can tell us what to do and be little our work the only reason we don't say shit to her because she'll kill us literally the bitch is crazy she might seem nice and kind but it's just a facade she puts on to lure in ponies if you encounter her run and don't look back and if she thinks you have info well tell everyone you loved it was nice knowing them. this is it for now got to get back to work Dr. aura sphere out.

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Can't wait to see what other profiles you bring out:twilightsmile:

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