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A mischievous spirit that likes to write about ponies and spaceships and da spooks.

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  • 59 weeks
    Back On The Saddle

    Dear readers, fans, friends, and anyone else who happens to come upon this,

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  • 59 weeks
    Bronycon 2019

    Dear readers!

    Who are... probably and rightfully a little miffed at this announcement, but I will be at Bronycon this year! I uh, had a small (okay maybe kinda large) roadblock with the latest chapter of Ponies and Lasers, and I will be releasing it soon, but it might not be until after Bronycon finishes.

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  • 72 weeks
    Floodgates Are Open!

    Dear readers,

    From those of you new to my (sadly, rather few) stories, or for those of you who have been with me since I started churning out my first half-decent work all that time back, I thank you for taking an interest in my writing, it really means a lot to me and I appreciate it :twilightsmile:

    But now to the truth of the matter.

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  • 91 weeks
    I Did It

    Chapter 9 of "Ponies and Lasers and Clankers, Oh My!" just dropped.
    Happy Christmas and Merry new year. If you don't celebrate those, well then too bad, I'm too tired to focus as of writing this, so even if you don't enjoy the holidays I hope you have a wonderful fantastic time for the next few weeks, so ha!

    Also my eyes burn when I stay up this late.
    I should stop doing that...

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  • 157 weeks

    Dear readers!

    I have decided to create a discord server, so anyone who would like to constantly get on my back and bully me into writing more chapters for ponies and droids, feel free to follow this discord link, where you will be instantly brought at lightspeed onto my fabled dreadnought, the Dawn of dusk.


    All aboard!

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Back On The Saddle · 10:42pm Aug 4th, 2019

Dear readers, fans, friends, and anyone else who happens to come upon this,

Bronycon is over, and as the final Bronycon I can say it was an experience well worth it. for those of you who did go, I hope you enjoyed everything as much as I did, and for those of you who did not, well, fear not, for four whole days of ponies has given me plenty to think about and churn up in new batches of word soup (also known as stories), and I am now more pumped than I can remember being in a long long time to write more and continue or finish the stories I have already started.

For all you readers! This means that I am setting myself goals, and you should look forward to regular updates on current stories I have, not least of which is "Ponies and Lasers", because I want to finish that up within about three or four chapters just so I can finally move on and work on all the other stuff that hasn't been getting enough love.

Your fired up spirit of enthusiasm,

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