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  • 2 weeks
    Getting back into it and current situation

    I wanna take some time on my days off to try and get some writing done but as usual could use some help. Pics of my favorite ship(s) and favorite characters tend to help the writing process along so if you have anything to share? Share it. Maybe I will have a spark of inspiration at some point during the day. I would like to hope so as I really wanna get back into writing stories for you all.

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  • 6 weeks
    Update: Redux of old story incoming

    I have been for lack of a better word, out of practice. My desire and love for writing having dwindled a bit because of stress and work being all consuming which doesn't help the whole stress thing. However I want you all to know I am still here and after finding the file? I am going to be revamping an old story that frankly I was heartbroken to have to take down because of stupid music

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  • 21 weeks

    Okay so I was getting right back into the groove of things and then BAM my laptop and internet are no longer compatible with my building internet so I have to get a new laptop.

    So stories are on hold until further notice but that shouldn't be too long as I do believe my step father is getting me a new laptop

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  • 28 weeks
    First two chapters are out!

    Will likely release the third chapter when I get home from work or have another day off. Stay tuned and enjoy.

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Other Story Ideas I have in the works(Comment and Vote) · 1:45pm Aug 3rd, 2019

I have a BUNCH of unstarted fics as well as a bunch of unfinished ones. Doing all this by myself is hard especially when I don't exactly know which fics you guys want me to continue and which you don't. So lets solve that here. Comment below which fics you wanna either see more continue/finish or comment and vote what new ideas you'd like to see me explore. Heres a list of some of the newer ideas I have in the works.

1.) Stoner fic about Aria spending 4/20 with Fluttershy whom she is dating at the time.

2.) A gaming/porn fic where Sunset battles it out with VP Luna and things get raunchy

3.) Sunset uses a magic spell to relive her childhood and see if she can make friends as a human child to see if she really was just misguided or bad the entire time.

4.) The dazzlings return after having found redemption on their own and want to thank the Rainbooms for defeating them the first time.

5.) Adagio x Rara story

6.) Sunset and Twilight get married and start a family

7.) A sinister six(7 in this case) style verse fic where each of the girls has to take on a villain using their respective elements of harmony to save the day and defeat the villains through actual fighting rather than trying to use friendship against them

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I wanna see more of Keep moving forward and You are my sunlight

I would actually like to see a story where Spike dates one of the Dazzlings

Sounds like ya got some ideas rollin'! :scootangel:

In the context of the universe I have set up Spike is a talking dog but still a dog. He isn't attracted to humans. Same thing with Equestrian Spike which is why I usually only ship him with Smolder or Ember.

#1 might be kinda fun. You've got an aggressive thistle and a gentle cherry blossom interacting while their minds are elsewhere. Even if it doesn't end in skinship snuggle time, it could be cute seeing the two of them interact without their inhibitions getting in the way.

#6 (I'm sure this comes as no surprise.) Though a nice twist would be rather than go the "use magic to get one of them pregnant" or "have them build Gamma (the official name of Crydius's gynoid SciSet child)", it might be kinda cool to see them adopt, since that's a route we rarely get to see in fics.

I actually had an idea on the whole Gamma thing. I was thinking that their 'first child' could be Gamma whom they build about a year or two before they get married and then two years later they give birth to an actual child via magic sexual aide from Equestria. Gamma would then assume the role of big sister and would be a protective big sis bot for the little one and you can just imagine how funny that would be.

Gamma: Scans indicate Little sister unit has soiled herself. Beginning Diaper Change protocol.

Number six hands down though could it be in the same universe as “best day off ever “ like a sequel maybe?

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