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Bronycon Bookstore Update · 3:38am Aug 3rd, 2019

So, I think everyone's already aware of how the bookstore did on its first day. It's safe to say that many of us who brought books to contribute did not realize how much demand there would be for hardbound versions of our stories.

The entire stock of Completely Safe Stories sold out on the first day. And the store was only open for a few hours. Something like half of every author's entire stock has sold out. Only a few geniuses like Admiral Biscuit, who brought a pallet load, can still feel secure in having enough inventory.

In fact, all my books sold out before I even arrived at the con. They even sold the display copy! That one you see in the picture is someone else's they borrowed just so they could have a copy to put the "SOLD OUT" sticker on.

Anyway, all this is to say 1) you guys are great, and 2) re-orders are a go! And the cheapest way to do this is to just give everyone the link to buy them direct from Lulu.com.

I'd like to say there's a multi-step process to get your copy, but really you just click on that link, add it to your cart, and bam, it shows up at your door in like 10 days. No muss, no fuss, just booky awesomeness.

The $10.49 price is at cost -- I get zero revenue from these. There's several more dollars for shipping, of course, but when you see this book, it's like, damn, this is a quality print. I don't know what magic Lulu uses but these are bookstore-quality products. Or maybe bookstores have just been overcharging us all along.

Anyway, for those of you who got physical copies at Bronycon and want me to sign it, I'll be around tomorrow and Sunday morning, probably hanging out in the Quills and Sofas on the third floor. PM me if you really want to track me down for an autograph :)

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Comments ( 10 )

Still trying to find you. Maybe tomorrow.

Same here, but will definitely try to come by the QS room while you're there!

nice! I really wish I could have gone.

I like like an hour away, but im poor.

Is it really that surprising that people who love ponyfics and adore the Princess of Books Organization Friendship also love physical books? :twilightsmile:

At that price I would be a sucker not to own a physical piece of internet history.

Bet a lot of you were thinking, Why didn't we do this sooner???

Hopefully this pone bookstore idea will continue at future conventions.

Yikes, I’m glad I got mine when I did! I’d like to try and get my copy signed if that’d be at all possible, but if you’d rather just enjoy the Con I totally understand.

Anyone know the name of that Calvin and Hobbes Luna and Celestia book to the right?


That's Sisters, the collection of Celestia and Luna stories. I think horizon is running that one.

I missed getting your book, but it was great getting to say hi and chat for a minute. Thanks for signing my autograph book as well! Here's hoping we can cross swords once again in a near-future Writeoff. :pinkiehappy:

And don't ask why I wasn't following you years ago, as I don't have any damn idea.

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