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Another Touching Bases/ I'm not Dead Blog · 7:08pm Aug 1st, 2019


I have been feeling really good as of late; even more alive! I've been managing my mornings well in a consistent order: drink coffee, manage some responsible adult duties, game half to a full hour, write an hour, nap before work, then prepare for work. A nice collection of events that ease my never-ending-thinking brain.

Now, what does all this have to do with No Hugs? Well, I do write the thing! And... I have not written for it. There is a reason for it. The short fic I have been working on the side for over a year is the main focus and is close to completion (I've said this many times, but it is nonetheless). I just want it done. Not to say I dislike what has been written. But with being so close to being done, I want it out and off my mind.

I now know where to head with No Hugs and how to structure it. Its remaining length is undetermined due to what will be added but will not supersede 300k words if that was anyone's worry. I don't want to drag the story as much as I know I have done unintentionally. Perhaps this is a factor to my hesitation. There isn't an acceleration toward action, just a lot of talk. I've observed one of my past stories, Seconds Late, and did some statistic crunching. Seconds Late may be my least viewed story, but based on the stats of the story, at least 60% of all readers read from start to finish. I remember that there is a push toward moving the plot forward with actions followed with some backstory here and there. This is where I falter with No Hugs. Too much backstory I think, even though it is nice worldbuilding. Does anyone agree with this? I won't be offended if anyone does because improvement starts with where there are cracks that need fixing.

In other news, the game I'm working on is about to accelerate into working on the prototype. I have to wait for my dev leader to give me the okay if he wants me to show where we will be posting the prototype. If it is a 'no', you will have to wait until either the end of this year or start of 2020. That's when we plan on releasing the first demo. ALL IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE, EVEN BE CANCELED, WHICH I HOPE IS NOT THE CASE.

So there you have it. Once the new story is out into the public, it is a beacon that No Hugs will be resumed. It is nearing its two-year anniversary. I pray to get it done around that time.

Thanks for the patience.

Freak, out.

PS: I streamed with my friend and played Trouble in Terrorist Town. I edited the best moments and made a video. Does contain swearing though, but I'm sure most could handle that. I want to do more of this with my friends, but we'll see. I have enough to do as it is.

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I was wondering what had become of you, I just assumed you were taking a break to enjoy summer. :twilightsmile:

This is where I falter with No Hugs. Too much backstory I think, even though it is nice worldbuilding. Does anyone agree with this?

I disagree with this statement. You've created very compelling characters that we all enjoy following, and the backstory that comes with them helps shape who they are as well as why they are reacting to the situation they've been put into in a certain way. I will say that I think No Hugs could be trimmed down in certain areas, but I wouldn't trim any of the backstory out. I'd have to re-read some of the story a bit to give you more constructive criticism, but just know you're doing a good job. :scootangel:

5097803 So it’s more of trimming the fat, but otherwise fine.

You got it. :raritywink: And it's not like the fat detracts from the story to much, it only becomes noticeable if I binge read several chapters at a time, again this is a minor nitpick at best. You're still doing great! :scootangel:

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