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Chapter length question · 8:08am Aug 1st, 2019

So, now that I've put out 2 chapters, how are things with readability?

My original plan was to update monthly with long chapters like these two, but weekly-ish schedule of shorter chapters like in the previous book/s is a possibility as well. The faster updates happened mostly because I had some free time. So, now that you've gotten a taste of both formats, what do you think is better for exposure, readability, and something else I 100% forgot?

One thing that come to mind is that shorter chapters/more frequent updates mean more exposure on the front page. The big chapters mean more complete sets, which I don't know is a bonus, because it might look like the same amount of events, only taking more words to write. The exposure sucks with the long chapters, though, since I don't do any repeated group spam/promotions. I also genuinely can't evaluate which kind is better for the story.

What do you think? Short, frequent, and snappy, or long, thick, sweaty, zebra... I got carried away.

Comments ( 3 )

I don't know about everyone else, but I prefer long chapters...Heh, not many people from what I heard, do.

Perhaps do a longer chapter for the last two weeks of a month and two shorter for the first two weeks of a month? That way you can work on getting exposure without trying to cut down on the story's major events.

Welp, long it is.
I thought about it, then tried to split the two uploaded chapters as practice, and the cuts made absolutely no sense. I think I'll just have to forgo exposure and reader quantity. I guess it's okay, involvement is what matters anyway.

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