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The Countdown Is at One...ish · 8:14pm Jul 31st, 2019

So. I arrived in Baltimore bright and early out of excitement. Thankfully, the hotel had a room ready four hours ahead of my check-in time... but the convention center was not so accommodating. See, they were still getting things set up. So I got lunch, came back... and they were still setting things up.

Fortunately, now there were at least people who could tell me when registration would begin.

Which is 6:30.

Did I mention this was at 12:30?

So, in the meantime, I finalized the first part of a project I've been chipping away at for a few weeks. Not exactly the best time to publish something new, what with it being the middle of the week of Bronycon, but this should definitely be an interesting departure from my usual fare. Check it out if you're interested in romantic drama between anxiety-ridden horse-human nerds. (Goodness knows I write what I know...)

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That's something different than past years... previously you could go in most of the day

Site Blogger

I mean the con doesn't actually start until tomorrow, silly billy. They weren't even going to do badge pickup today until a couple weeks ago!

Look, there's a reason I use Derpy for an avatar. :derpytongue2:

I saw you :trollestia:

More than that I talked to you haha

My list of people who I’m looking forward to meeting is... dauntingly humongous. But you, sir, occupy one of the top spots. :pinkiehappy:

(Don’t ask me to rank them; that way lies only madness.)

Lucky. I would have taken Thursday off work too, but being new, it's kind of awkward. I literally haven't even been with the company long enough to have sick days to use.


On both points.

Author Interviewer

As the fine fellow who handed me my badge said, they got it right on the last year.

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