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Fluttercheer's Weekly Writing #2: The completion of "Aegis", "Rainbow (Dash) Roadtrip" (SNEAK PEEK on Patreon!) and "The Filly of his Dreams" (SNEAK PEEK on Patreon!) · 12:12am Jul 31st, 2019

Time for Fluttercheer's Weekly Writing #2! This installment covers my writing from July 16th - July 29th, 2019! It's a shortened version of the long report on my Patreon. Pledge 5$ to read the report in its entirety and to get exlusive sneak peeks for two future stories!

The completion of "Aegis"

What occupied me the most in this period was writing the final chapter of "Aegis". The story is now finished and wrapped up and I can tell you that I'm happy I've brought it behind me! It became a real trainwreck of a story for several reasons and I merely continued it because I finish every story I started.
There are two problems with this story; one's rather minor and will resolve itself with time, the other one is major and severe and essentially broke the entire story. I detailed that problem in full on Patreon.
Since the story turned out so horrible, I will eventually rewrite it and deliver you a better version of it. So if you are just as disappointed about the way it turned out as I am, you will get something to soothe this disappointment in the future!

Rainbow (Dash) Roadtrip

Now on to new writing! Unfortunately, I couldn't make progress with the revision of "Dreamwalker Dash" since the last report and also had to delay the return of "Letters to Cozy Glow" I have planned for two weeks now because of the depressed fit I talked about last week. Which is also the reason why I had to skip last week's writing report and why this report covers two weeks of writing instead of one.
But, despite depression, I found some energy to start writing a few new things! And the first of which is a story called "Rainbow (Dash) Roadtrip" which is, you guessed it, based on "Rainbow Roadtrip".
It is a story about Barley Barrel and Pickle Barrel who, unable to cope with it that Rainbow Dash is gone, decide to leave Hope Hollow and to go on a roadtrip all over Equestria to reach Ponyville and meet their idol again.
I imagine it to be a lighthearted comedy, where they will encounter all sorts of typical problems that can occur during a roadtrip and have to deal with crazy circumstances that make their trip to Ponyville a challenge.
There will be a lot to laugh about in this story.
Now, with Season 9 returning soon, "Rainbow (Dash) Roadtrip" won't get actually written for quite some time and definitely not before Season 9 is over. I love the idea, but I have too many stories on my plate right now, which mean a lot to me too, and they are in dire need of continuation. I also want to write new fics for Season 9 while it airs as long as I still can. So this story will have to take a backseat for now.
Once I have new things to tell about "Rainbow (Dash) Roadtrip" and especially once I will start writing it for real, I'll let you know both here and on Patreon. Until then, you can already read a little Sneak Peek of the beginning of Chapter 1 on Patreon!

The Filly of his Dreams

And now, we get juicy. I'm a little nervous about this part, because the story whose working title you can read up there, and to which I got inspired yesterday, will be..... a love story between a stallion and a filly. Yes, you read this right, I am going full underage romance with this one.
Now, before you slaughter me and sacrifice me to your god, please allow me to explain that this doesn't mean I will become a Foalcon and clop writer. I don't just write for views, I write because of passion, as well, so I will not go down that easy route.
However, as you can see with the writing goals on my userpage, one of them says "Be a brave author and write one Foalcon fic". And another one is to write at least one story of every genre and every sub-genre one day, because I am interested in pretty much every genre of creative writing. Naturally, that means I will have to write one explicit Foalcon story here one day.
Now I am not huge about writing Foalcon, since I am a foal author and therefore mostly write about foals, I realize that it would probably alienate you all too much if I write explicit Foalcon fics alongside SFW foal stories, so it will stay with one Foalcon story here. You don't have to fear that I will become yet another clop writer.
Something I am not shying away from, however, is writing a thought-provoking, dramatic SFW story about a romance between a foal and an adult.
And that's where this idea comes into play. Yesterday, I've gotten an idea for such a story and I have written a very rough draft of the prologue for that story. It's SFW and you can find it on Patreon.
There's one thing I am not sure about yet, whether the story should include sex scenes in separate chapters that will be marked accordingly so you can avoid them if you want and that will be written in a way that does not require to read them in order to understand the story, or, if I leave it at basic intimate interactions between the stallion and the filly that won't go further than short kisses on the mouth, just enough to get the point across, and with sex between them merely hinted at.
Which is a question that won't get answered soon, though, because similar to "Rainbow (Dash) Roadtrip", I have no estimation when I will actually start writing this story. It will likely not happen before next year, but once there is a new development, I'll let you know about it!

And with this, I am done here already! Remember, there is a longer and more informative version of this writing report up on my Patreon that you can access by pledging only 5$ per month! It contains exclusive sneak peeks to both of my new story ideas that you can only read as a Patreon supporter.
The next report will happen in week again, on Monday! I'll see you then and stay tuned!

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A good plan! About your Foal Romance, that will be up to you in the end. Do what you feel comfortable the most. You can always add it later.

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