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  • 75 weeks
    New Group I Made, For Grogar Fans!

    Hey y'all, I decided to get off my butt and make a group!

    This is a group dedicated to stories about Grogar, Gusty the Great, or both. Because honestly, there aren't nearly enough of these.

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  • 75 weeks
    Red Little Reality Audio Reading!

    HOLY SH-

    I am absurdly happy and astounded by Tone Shift's AR talent; he turned a decently good fic into a masterpiece of atmosphere that honestly feels like it was written by somebody leagues above me.

    You can find the reading right here! DO IT IMMEDIATELY

    1 comments · 144 views
  • 88 weeks
    Thank Y'all So Much!

    How the heck does a random angst fic I wrote, 2 years out of experience, half-asleep, manage to make it 3rd in the featured list? I am astonished.

    Well, it's all thanks to you guys giving it the time of day, so thank you immensely! I really expected Post Mortem to just fade in and out of memory.

    0 comments · 134 views
  • 154 weeks
    Some Shoutouts To Actually Good Stuff

    Okay so, I'm seeing some fam that make fics that actually deserve vastly more attention than they currently have (one of them being very new to the site, much love). So Imma shout out these bois in the hopes they get even a single more follower (since I can only follow once. :p)

    Read More

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  • 184 weeks
    Oh Dear God

    Uhm, how and why did my last fic get over a thousand views? I mean, I'm super grateful (considering this is a one-shot and only the 7th I've made), I'm just curious WHY. I mean, what is so attractive about it? Besides being featured, I mean. It's not like it's well written in particular. I can and have done better. At least in my opinion.

    14 comments · 226 views

Serious Stuff Soon, Seriously · 4:21pm Jul 27th, 2019

As much as I enjoy working on the stupid things like She Wants The D, and as hilarious it is to see them in "Favorites" despite, well... everything about them, I'm itching for something more subdued. It isn't necessarily sad or dark, just more focused. If there are any jokes in it, they'll be spontaneous rather than planned, and I'm putting more effort into creating a structure instead of a sh*tpost.

Hope you enjoy this next one (especially if you love aliens)!

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Will be looking forward to it


Might be today, if I can get off my couch long enough.

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