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Mixed up two persons .... · 8:13pm Jul 26th, 2019

So, i was told Lauren Faust had birthday (45) at 25th day of July. So, I searched around a bit .....

There seems to be book titled Ponyville Confidential: The History and Culture of My Little Pony, 1981-2016 But my google search result with bits of texts under each result twisted twitter address a bit, and instead of loading Faust's twitter I found another page, may be quite important too (as non-famous ppl still matters line of thinking)

https://twitter.com/Fyreflye/ - I like 'part-time revolutionary' line :}

Official (?) Faust's twitterstorm

Video (Happy 45th Birthday To Lauren Faust - YouTube)

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Weird. I'm only a few years younger than her.

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