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If violence is the only language you know, don't be surprised when someone talks back.

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  • 59 weeks
    The Joys of Having ADHD

    1. Technically, I'm borderline ADD, but at this point idk anymore.
    2. That's sarcasm, if you couldn't tell.

    So I haven't posted a new chapter for Pompeii. I worked at it over the summer, but ultimately, the third chapter is stuck in development hell. At least for now.

    This is because I am currently hyperfixating on something else. No, I will not elaborate.

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  • 70 weeks
    Summer update

    Now that spring classes are over, I'm going to try (keyword: try) to get more work done on Pompeii (I think I've written myself into a corner with HMHS, so that's not being worked on anytime soon). Of course, it's been hard bc seasonal depression has kicked in already, but I'm going to try and get another chapter out before mid-July, and if not then, by the end of the summer. It

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  • 89 weeks
    Valentine's fic coming up

    Hey all!

    Wanted to do a very small, quick'n'dirty update post: I'm thinking of posting a new oneshot on Valentine's Day, or close enough for it to count as a Valentine's Day story. Yup. That's it. No, uh...nothing else.

    ofc, as a Valentine's Day fic, y'all know what's gonna be in it.

    Hint: b o n i n g c a r t o o n p o n e s

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  • 89 weeks
    Update post: Pompeii

    Pompeii's second chapter is fully written! All that I need to do now is reread and edit it as best I can. It will be up either tomorrow or Wednesday at the earliest!

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  • 102 weeks
    Pompeii Chapter 2 = 85% complete!

    Yeah, remember how my last blog post said I was about 42% of the way through writing chapter 2???? So that was a lie.

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I may get flak for this but... · 9:15pm Jul 25th, 2019

I'm thinking of splitting up the next chapter of Her Majesty's Hidden Swords: one part for "normal happenings" one part for "Tom Clancy spy novel knockoff." Thing is, the slice-of-life stuff isn't very long; maybe only...2000 words? Bare minimum 1000. If I make the next chapter a filler chapter, I can't imagine anyone who's actually interested in the story (and if the downvotes are anything to go by, not many) will like it.

But I'm gonna do it anyway, 'cause I'm a glutton for punishment. Unless I get some PMs or comments telling me not to.

(I know it feels like HMHS is the only thing I talk about, but that's because I'm working on other, unpublished stuff behind the scenes. It'll come out...eventually. I promise.)

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