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What Could Have Been of Digital Harmony: Concord City, Part 1 · 8:06pm Jul 21st, 2019

[Continued from Part 2]

A brief detour from the Vespimon Arc this time, though it largely ties into the larger plot.


Several days have passed since the encounter with Fluttershy, and the Digi-Destined have not taken it well. The traumatic encounter has left a notable scar on each of them — particularly Ken, who has withdrawn completely into his own home and refused to return any of his friends’ calls. Despite Rainbow Dash’s insistence that they find a way to rescue Fluttershy, the group has so far not managed to find any new leads. Most suspect that her turn to Vespimon is related to the Dark Spore, but none so far can find a way to prove it.

Eventually, they are called back to the computer lab by Izzy, who claims to have found something. The energy signal that they’ve been tracking the entire time has returned, except this time it’s even stronger than before — and it shows no sign of fluctuation, suggesting that it may remain there.

With little else to go on, the group (minus Ken) travel through the Digiport to find their next destination.

Concord City

The Digiport takes the heroes out into a mountainous region, surrounded on all sides by impassable peaks and winds. The area is sequestered from the rest of the digital world by its remoteness. They make their way through the mountain passage, until they find a gated city, guarded by Gladimon. The Gladimon are at first confused by the presence of outsiders, as they should not have been able to reach the city. Not knowing what else to do, they escort the heroes to the royal palace, letting their king decide their fate.

While passing on their way to the palace, the heroes notice that the city is gearing up for some sort of celebration: decorations everywhere, and a general festive attitude. Sure enough, the day is the exact day of the summer solstice, and they are preparing for the annual Solstice Festival. As then move through the city, they pass underneath a great torch hung atop a massive arch in the central plaza — as the Gladimon explains, this is the Light of Sol, a torch lit every solstice at high noon, to celebrate the lifelong peace and prosperity within the city. The Digi-Destined, puzzled, ask about the invasion of the Dark Masters, and Gladimon explains that Concord City is the only part of the Digital World to have remained untouched by the Dark Masters’ power.

As incredible as this is, they are not left with much time to contemplate it, as they are quickly brought through the castle’s front gates, beyond the halls and into the throne room. There, they are greeted by two digimon, a robed, wizard-like figure, speaking with the apparent king, a fiery leonin digimon.


Digimon Analyzer: Wisemon

Type: Wizard

Attribute: Virus

Level: Ultimate

Special Attacks: Pandora Dialogue, Eternal Nirvana



Digimon Analyzer: Firamon

Type: Beast

Attribute: Vaccine

Level: Champion

Special Attacks: Flame Dive, Fira Claw


As the heroes approach, Wisemon notices that many of them are human and bear digivices, and correctly deduces that they are the Digi-Destined of legend. King Firamon offers them a warm welcome, and offers them hospitality in time for the upcoming Solstice Festival. The Digi-Destined conclude that, thanks to the difference in time between worlds, they shouldn’t have a problem staying, and this would give them more time to look for the energy signature that Izzy mentioned.

Before they can continue, however, they are caught off guard by another voice, calling from across the room:

“Brother, may we have thee for a moment?”


Digimon Analyzer: Lunamon

Type: Mammal

Attribute: Vaccine

Level: Rookie

Special Attacks: Luna Claw, Tear Shot


When Lunamon sees the Digi-Destined — people who she does not recognize — she immediately jumps to the conclusion that they are there to subvert and destroy the kingdom, and attacks. A short fight ensues, where Veemon and Lunamon trade blows, but is ultimately stopped when Firamon steps in to intervene.

Once the fight is stopped, Firamon turns to speak to his adoptive sister, chastising not only her rash actions, but also her other behavior as well:

“Now, Lunamon, what do you say to our guests?”


“And what do have I told you about speaking with the royal ‘we?’”

“Something about responsibility, I know.”

“Exactly. When you speak with the royal ‘we,’ you are speaking on behalf of all of Concord. Until you have learned to undertake that responsibilty, you are to speak only on behalf of yourself. Is that clear?”

“...Aye, brother.”

“Good. Now then, what was it you wished to speak with me about?”

“Ah! Right! You see, brother, I was thinking of the festivities we are to have at noonday, and was wondering... perchance, could I be the one to ignite the Light of Sol?”

Firamon sighed. “No, Lunamon, we’ve been over this.”

“What!? And why not!? You hath been the one bask in the glory of Concord City for as long as I can remember! Wherefore art thou so stubborn!?”

“Because it is not about glory, young one. The Light of Sol represents our duty to this city, and the care we must take in protecting its peace and prosperity. It is a symbol of our responsibility, and the fact that you still fail to understand proves you are not ready.”

“...Fine,” Lunamon huffed. “I did not desire to light your stupid torch, regardless.”

As Lunamon stormed off, the others were only left to stare uncomfortably.

“...Is anyone else getting a weird sense of deja vu right now?” said Pinkie.

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Oh Pinkie, you aren't the only one. Sorry for not noticing this until now, I missed it the day it went up.

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