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When faced with the evils of this world, happiness can give you the foundation to bear it, sadness gives you the wisdom to acknowledge it, and anger gives you the strength to oppose it!

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  • Today

    i hope at least someone liked the new chapter of Fate/Sunset....

    3 comments · 54 views
  • Saturday

    you guys are going to hate me next chapter

    0 comments · 36 views
  • Saturday
    Brometheus, the First Bro.

    1 comments · 22 views
  • Friday
    my hero academia

    for anyone reading the manga what do you think of the current arc of my hero academia?

    i like it and I also think the hate it's getting is overbored mostly from the people screaming for more Deku as if he's the only character that needs development.

    8 comments · 66 views

oh shit their back. · 9:50pm July 20th

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Comments ( 1 )

I know i saw the trailer on youtube yesterday and thought.

OH HELL YEAH!!!!!!!!!
I loved these guys they were the best parts in all the movues they are in and i even liked the crappy shortlived cartoon based on them

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