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    So I watched that new small horse movie. It was pretty good. I'd give it a solid 7/10. I don't feel my time was wasted, I enjoyed it. But I would probably not watch it again. (And those of you who follow my reviews, know that a 7 from me is still earned.)

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Open Critique/Request: What Are the Biggest Strengths and Weaknesses in cleverpun's Writing? · 9:00am Jul 19th, 2019

I often make references to the idea that writing is a constant quest for self-improvement. It requires self-reflection and self-critique. But there is a limit to this. After a certain point, self-reflection and self-critique always suffer from a lack of perspective. There's a reason you get reviewed annually at most jobs.

So today, I would like to offer an open forum for other people to critique me. I offer anyone who has read my writing the opportunity to tell me directly what they liked and didn't like about it. What worked and what didn't. And most importantly, why they think those things.

This is not merely fishing for compliments. In fact, the original title of this post excluded the "strengths" part. But strengths inform weaknesses, and vice-versa. Examining every aspect of one's writing is crucial to improving it. I have received plenty of critique in the past, in the form of both dedicated reviews and comments on my stories. But sometimes, an open invite invites different, deeper criticism.

If anyone is uncomfortable offering a public critique, they are of course free to PM me. Likewise, feel free to phrase this critique in whichever way you like. Broad observations about my writing or style, more specific notes on a particular story or scene, or even some other format I haven't thought of.

I know this is an unusual request. Giving and accepting critique are never easy. But I also know my followers and audience to be insightful and intelligent, and I hope they are comfortable sharing that with me and helping me improve.

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Author Interviewer

blghghhgh I'd have to read your entire body of work and write a five-page essay to answer this question. x.x

You write good. Keep doing that. Improve when you feel you should. That is all.

5091122 No, everything I've ever written is garbage. :raritydespair:

In all seriousness, I know looking for improvement when none needs to be made is a dangerous thing to do. But the alternative--stagnating and failing to improve--scares me more than being a perfectionist.

But regardless, thanks for the comment :twilightsmile:

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