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Mono-Logues! · 5:07pm Jul 18th, 2019

Hi everyone!



So!! This is the hardcover version of the book that will be available at BC19 at Aquaman's rad bookstore. There's also going to be a paperback version, which I didn't order so I can't preview :c Regardless, they're super good quality and look amazing and I'M SO FRIGGIN HYPE. I'm going to the con, as well, so feel free to hunt me down if you buy the book there and would like me to scribble my name on it or something. Or maybe write a RariTwi drabble. Who knows!

Finally, for those not going to BC19, both versions will be available for purchase online after the con. I'll post links and info at a later time for that.


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Wanderer D

I like your belt.

Looks amazing. :twilightsmile:

Excited to get my copy!

Hyped so much. *stashes money away*

That bookstore gonna break me.

A book of romance stories is the perfect encapsulation of RariTwi.

To have all these stories in my hands would be most wonderful indeed
And though I've read them all I'd read them all again
I can't wait to buy my copy

Any guesstimate on how much a hardcopy will cost after the con?


I WANT TO SAY a hardcover will be like 20ish with normal shipping included but I can confirm properly a little later

Woo-hoo! :pinkiehappy:

Very nice :>

Me, too! But I needs pony word books!

It looks amazing, Mono! I can't wait to pick mine up at the con and have you sign it for me.

As long as I can wait out the autograph line to get my copy signed.


YOU look great. :raritywink:

Also, yes, it looks awesome! :raritystarry:

Have fun at the 'con.

Site Blogger

What a sexy book.

Mono is correct; the books will be available at cost (i.e. no profit/markup) directly from Lulu after the con; the hardback is USD$19.85 and the paperback is USD$8.49.

(PFP books are marked up slightly at the con itself to account for the shipping & handling necessary to actually offer them at the con.)

Looks pretty awesome

I knew about the no mark up thing didn't know it was a Lulu. Just got The Monster in Twilight and Fractured Sunlight in the mail from Lulu.

Can't wait to get mine and hunt you down for that autograph! :pinkiehappy:

So... it’s a collection of rairtwi stories?

My suitcase is just going to be filled with books, so many books

I'm sadly not going to be able to attend to the con, but you bet I'm ordering a copy as soon as I can!

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