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    Well folks, six months ago I said that, if all went well, Volume 2 would be finished well before year's end.

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    Hello dear readers!

    After so long, I finally bring some Prench Tale news!

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    Hello dear readers!

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    A Prench Tale: Five Score Dreams

    While we wait for Part 4 to debut, here's a small chapter's worth of bonus material!

    (it is highly recommended to read Parts 1 through 3 beforehand, of course)

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Amber Reference / Part 3 Delay · 6:02pm Jul 17th, 2019

Hi everyone!

So, uh, like I feared, the first chapter of Part 3 isn't ready yet, and will be posted at a later date...

To make up for this, here's this quick little 'character reference' for Amber, one of our protagonists! The end plan is to have a similar reference for each main/secondary characters, it should help keeping track of who is who, and offer a glimpse of how I envision them in the flesh. This is still quite rough, so if you'd appreciate, like, additional info on these to turn them into real character profiles, just let me know!

See you soon for more pony stuff!

Comments ( 2 )

That hair though...nice to see character references and hope everything is going well.

Nice, thanks for the update, and love the artwork!

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