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hey guys · 3:42am Jul 17th, 2019

Longtime no see.

Writing stalled out. Lots of distractions. Tried to get a dog. That kind of backfired. Also went on a few more out of town trips. Then cat got real sick. My creative rhythm got thrown outta whack (which isn't hard to do, if I'm being honest.) I suppose it doesn't matter. I guess the fandom's dying out? Within a year or two only diehards will be left.

I wrote overburdened stories. I wanted them to end sooner, but I always find myself with unfinished works. Sorry.

I dunno. I'm feeling down tonight. Went to therapy yesterday and was basically given homework to try to write again.

I'm not sure when writing became this throbbing psychic wound for me. Sometimes it scabs over and I can kind of deal with it again. Then something rips it open and the idea of trying to write just drags out all my snowflake feelings. I used to be more resilient as a writer. These last few years I've just gotten more sensitive I guess. Which is saying something. I'm not exactly known for my thick skin... but I could bounce back, y'know? I don't have Sia's "Elastic Heart" nowadays.

Otherwise, I guess my summer isn't awful. When I stick my head in the sand to ignore the directionless mediocrity of my life, I actually manage to have fun now and again. And sleep! Yeah, that too.

How's life for everyone? Still waiting to watch the final season, so please no spoilers.

EDIT: it occurred to me that I've been sitting on an unfinished update for What They Expect to Give. If anyone cares enough to ask, I'll just post up what I have. I have just under 5k words (about 12 pages).

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Comments ( 9 )

Well...at least it's good to hear from ya!

Yep I'm still breathing

I HATE that feeling. I feel like my writing has been stalled out all year and it sucks. Sorry you're dealing with that. I hope your cat is feeling better.

I feel like I've been stalled out for like 3 years lol. That sucks you're there too tho. Any progress on getting your own website?

Thanks. I'm giving her meds from the vet. Hoping her condition improves.

Yeah that's all we can do at this point.

Nah, not really. Feels kinda pointless if I'm not even writing anyway. I have ideas for things, but I'm at the point where I feel burned out before I even try it...

That's good. Cats are ornery to take care of. (Had one with a broken hip a few years ago, decided she didn't like to be forced to rest so it would be a great idea to climb up and jump off a 6 ft fence, the moron.) I hope she appreciates your work!

Howdy friend
I kinda understand the feeling

Well i hope you can find passion elsewhere. Nice to hear from you. But yeah itd be nice if you released the "what they expect to give" chapters. Id like to see atleast whats already been written thanks.

Also just wanted to let you know i appreciate the 120k+ youve already written.

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