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    Nothing real important today. I just wanted to get that off my mind. ()^_^

    For those of you that are down in Texas, stay safe.

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Pet your cat today. · 2:46am Jul 16th, 2019

I don't want to talk too much about it right now, but I'll tell what I can.

Our oldest cat, Callista, had been slowly declining for a number of months. Finally my parents took her to the vet this morning and found out she was dying; if I understood things right, it was from feline leukemia. Her blood count was low, she'd dwindled in size to five pounds, and the next time I saw her she was having difficulty breathing. They decided to take her home and make the basement comfortable for her until she passed.

...As of fifteen minutes ago, I've just had it confirmed that it's finally happened. After 10 years of life, around 9 of them or so with us, she's gone now.

As it stands, I'm not in the state of mind to write or do audio recs. We'll see how I feel in a few days.

To those of you who own a cat, go and pet it. They're always worth it.

Callista Byrd Tiger
2008?---July 15, 2019

Good-night, old girl. May your sleep be forever pain-free.

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As a side note, it's Callista Byrd Tiger. I had her name mixed up with her kitten's. That was embarrassing.

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