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    I'm so sorry...

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Theory time, with Crimson Rose · 4:27am Jul 14th, 2019

Hello, welcome all my fellow bronies, this is your favorite neighborhood cowmare Crimson here. For those who don't want to be mildly spoiled, please ignore this, but for those who has seen the Season 9 premiere of My little Pony, sit back, relax, drink hot coco and lets get started.

Today on this first segment, I would like to call out to all of the theorists out there and join me as I put in my view of one of the most annoying, childish pony ever, so spoiled that he makes Spoiled Rich look humble.

Prince Blueblood.

We first get an introduced to him in Ticket Master, all the way to season one, where Rarity had a fantasy to meet what she thought was going to be her story book Prince. Now in the Best Night Ever episode, we learned that Blueblood is truly a self-centered, arrogant and a narcissist who only cares for himself and uses his status as a "royal" in Canterlot in his childish ways.

As it shows here

We all wondered how does that stallion became a prince? He hasn't ascended to alicorn-ship, he hasn't married a princess like Prince Shining Armor. He clearly hasn't shown anything worthy to even be a prince.

Now this is just my opinion, but I do have a theory to that.

And this was brought up especially with the return of King Sombra himself.

Now, the way he acted, I immediately thought of Blueblood as if he went through an emo phase. But when you really think about it, Sombra and Blueblood acted very alike in a lot of ways.

So this brings up what I think it's true. Prince Blueblood is related to King Sombra. A distant relative, or Blueblood is actually King Sombra's son. Left when the Empire was first banished, the sisters found the Prince and took him in.

But Crimson, how would Blueblood be alive if the fall of the empire was a thousand years ago?

He was infected with the same longitity as King Sombra whom if you see him in Season 3 opener and when he returned to the Either as Rarity said, Sombra hasn't aged a day, that could've been due to the banished spell.

Now I think, when the princesses found Blueblood as a foal, they regretted when they had to banished the empire, so they took him in, adopting him as their own and raised him as a prince.

Another question: if that was true, then how come Blueblood isn't all that powerful if he has lived a thousand years?

My theory, he is. Being brought up in Canterlot and when Nightmare Moon was banished, Celestia in fear of her nephew, had to lock his magic potential in order to not having to lose another member of her family.

Why hasn't Blueblood remembered anything from his past?

The princesses wanted Blueblood not to end up like his father so they tried their best to erase him from the prince's memories, but that had kinda backfired as he is shown to have similar personality as Sombra.

But in his mind, he was being trained, getting readied to ascend into alicorn-ship and gain Celestia's throne, but when Cadence came to aliconship before he did, he let that slide, Luna coming back, Twilight becoming an alicorn, the birth of the Mcflurry/Flurry Heart, his chances of ruling Equestria is getting farther and farther away from his hooves.

Now this is my prediction for the end of MLP - Prince Blueblood is the enemy of Equestria, jealous of not getting what he believed what it's rightfully his, the death of his father. He bands together with Grogar and his League of Doom.

Again, this is just my theory, tell me what is your thoughts below in the comments.

Until then This is Theory Time with Crimson Rose, thank you all and please enjoy this clip

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I came up with a short theory that Grogar is a misplaced Good guy like Master Xehanort was.
And probably Grogar will get hit by rainbows in the finale episode just like Master Xehanort was at the end of Kingdom Hearts 3.

just go to 16:39 to see it

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