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Hunter/Hunted Settles In ... · 6:30pm July 12th

In case you folks missed it, chapter 2 of The Dusk Guard Saga: Hunter/Hunted went up this morning! Don't forget to check it out! The book will update each Tuesday and Friday morning until complete, so mark those days on your calendars, folks! There's a lot of adventure to come, and a lot of ... well, that'd be spoiling it.

Also, for those of you who wanted to see more of the Dusk Guard's mysterious monk, guess who our viewpoint character is for this chapter? Sabra fans, rejoice! You're going to get a lot of him in the coming weeks. And more Hunter!

Anyway, update is update! Get reading, and I'll see you elsewhere!

Oh, and Patreon supporters, probably no Stranded chapter this week. But maybe. Tomorrow is kind of packed.

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Sabra needs more fans. I don't know how many he has already, but he needs more of them.

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