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Be Prepared then and now · 5:30pm Jul 12th, 2019

So, we have our new 'Be Prepared'.

It does sound sorta better in some ways, Scar sounds like he's in pure rage and off his rocker even more than in the original. Bit more dramatic than the original as well. ...But at the same time, it's not as fun and menacing as the original. Nowhere near as over the top as Jeremy's original.


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Also I don't think stand on the same pedestal with the original. will compare with the original.

Yeah, he does but the issue is the Robin Williams factor. We have the nostalgia filter, and to be fair to Iron's original he sounded overjoyed like he was about to spring his trap. Early celebration really. It was making him easy to love to hate.

ehhh i perfer the orginal it feels like Jeremy did a bit better and put his all in it

I just don't find ANYTHING about the "new" one, to be appealing what so ever. It feels like a hot mess.

Well, it's like Shere Khan in the remake.
Before, he was outwardly insidious but subtle, quietly enjoying the feeling of power and fear he has over others, maintaining an outward affability while keeping his claws shown.
While in the remake, he comes across as more imposing, almost dictatorial. It's clear that he's seen as a kind of dreaded authority (Contrasting with Mowgli where he's more of a dangerous criminal) while gradually shedding the dignified air as his madness starts to show.

As to this...overall, I like it.
I wish there was a bit more of it but hey-ho.
Here, he definitely symbolises the crafty power-monger planning a coup, dressing up his ambitions with vague justifications and mercenary pacts.
When it gets going, I can very much see the ominous nods to real-world dictatorship in the original (Something Africa has tragically seen a lot of in Amin's Uganda, Gaddafi's Libya and Mugabe's Zimbabwe) which makes it even more chilling.
I do prefer Jeremy Irons's take on it but still. As they come, this has me intrigued. The Lion King was always my favourite Disney film of the Renaissance era and this has me, by and large, pretty optimistic.

just to be nitpicky at least half of the original song was performed by Jim Cummings because IIRC Jeremy Irons lost his voice midway through

I know, but you get my point.

But seriously, when you reach a volume you throw out your voice, that's badass.

I much prefer the original, but I can see the appeal of the new one, and I do like it.

P.S. Do you have a YouTube channel called The Floridian Brickfilmer?

Yes, I do actually. That's me. Also?

I much prefer the original, but I can see the appeal of the original.

Think you meant you preferred the original, but you can see the appeal of the 'remix' as it were. Sorry, a bit of a grammar nut.

Yeah, I noticed that right after I wrote it.
(I'm kidding, obviously I prefer the original over the original:raritywink:)

Jesus Christ it's like they wanted to take out everything that made original good. It so overblown and tryhardy... nothing compared to the original.

And this is coming from someone that usually doesn't nostalgiafag but these new remakes are so lame. If they wanna make a good remake they should add on what made the original good or remake things that were not or didn't have a strong suit, something like this:

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