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Coming Soon: Freeport Venture: Old Wounds · 5:50am Jul 12th, 2019

When Sunset Shimmer's father shows up in Freeport chasing the infamous warlock Steel Rose, the last thing she wants is to get involved. She's still recovering from the madness in Northmarch and her battle against the dragon Blackfyre, and her father's obsession with capturing Steel Rose drove him to effectively abandon his family.

However, as the magus of Freeport Sunset can't ignore a dangerous warlock running loose in her city's streets just because of personal baggage. Once she finds herself reluctantly dragged into her father's obsession, she discovers there's far more going on than she's been told.

Report Chengar Qordath · 829 views · Story: Northern Venture ·
Comments ( 17 )

Sounds like fun.

Literally , just finished reading th last three chapter and hoping to hear about the next story when BAM! You posted teaser!

Once more I can’t wait to read the next installment.

Heh, it will be rather interesting to see what sort of conflict will happen between Sunset and her father...let the spellbolts fly!!!!!!! :pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy:

Gah, I really need to catch up on these...

Is there a list of the freeport stories in chronological order?

Calling it now: They've been having a Dumbledore/Grindlewald-style affair.

Given the coat color, I'm guessing Steel Rose is a sibling or relative.
Neglecting one daughter in favor of stopping the other that's going out and committing actual magic crimes is a tough, if understandable choice.

Someone help me out here: is the bad guy wearing a really elaborate suit of armor, or is it some kind of deformed changeling? Or am I not supposed to know that yet? Either way this sounds awesome. (Edit: Never-mind, I see that it’s armor now.)


Always a joy to see a new Freeport Venture announcement. This should be interesting. I wonder if Puzzle's still going to be dealing with his situation, or it's resolved by the time Sunset gets back.

Awesome! The Freeport Venture stories are my favorite on this site.

Oh wow, this sounds amazing! I can't wait!!

Cool. I'm really looking forward to this one after all that drama with Scarlet in Northern Venture. And this may be unusual to comment on, but I really like the title. Very evocative, and combined with that cover art, it immediately draws me in.

Yay, another Freeport story! And so soon. Although I have to wonder how much we'll see of Puzzle given his own problems in his story. He was there to welcome Sunset back to her tower, but aside from that, well, who knows.

And, um, what species is that on the cover? That sure doesn't look like a normal pony (or changeling). Looking forward to seeing Sunset's father, and how much she took after him (or not).

i think both i see a chest plate but that might be a mutant something underneath the armor

Perhaps his warlock specialty is self modification/augmentation? Would be interesting to see it implemented again especially after the horrors Blackfyre created.

That would be pretty cool.

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