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New Crew Members/HMS Pinafore Spy · 12:28am July 12th

So, if you've read the last chapter, you'd know that Spike is building a crew, and is hunting for treasure in order to hire new members for his crew. Now, before he goes hunting, he'll hire one or two members while he's at Skull Island, and I want to know which ones you'd like him to hire. I have a few ideas, and if you have any ideas for a crewmate, let me know in the comments

Lady Lovina
Lady Lovina was a mouse fortune teller from Scrimshaw who was often asked to tell pirates their fortunes. When a younger Luna came to see her, she saw that destiny had tied them together, and became a member of Luna's crew. When Luna headed back to Equestria, Lovina had returned to Scrimshaw, but was chased out by the Rat Pack when she foresaw a bad outcome for their leader's next heist. As fate would have it, the leader of the Rat Pack died in the same heist that Lovina had spoken his fortune about, and the Rat Pack was led to believe that Lovina scammed them by telling their victims about their heist. She gets a message from Luna telling her about Spike, and she asks if she could join his crew, as a way of staying loyal to his aunt.

Arachnius was once a noble spider warrior from far off Khrysalis before becoming a pirate. When he left Khrysalis, he was disowned by his family and never returned to the life he despised, a spoiled champion who nobody wanted to fight because of his position. As he made his way to Skull Island, he lost his left eye and replaced it with a magic ruby that allows him to see anywhere in the Spiral.

Carcarius Grimtooth
The greatest shamans of Skull Island’s Shark Clans come from the goblin sharks of the Grimtooth clan, and the smallest and weakest runt of that clan was a young pup called Carcarius. Mercilessly teased and set upon by his stronger siblings, Carcarius became obsessed with fame and status. Seething with resentment, Carcarius made a vow that he would become the greatest Shaman Skull Island had ever seen. Abandoning his clan, Carcarius set out for Captain Avery’s newfound settlement and begged Madame Vadima for an apprenticeship. Despite her longstanding refusal to take apprentices, Vadima reluctantly aided the young Goblin Pup. Vadima sent the shark to study under some of the greatest witchdoctors of Skull Island: the Waponi Priestess Unga Bunga, Udu the Hoodoo Guru, and even the fearsome Troggy magician, Iki-Iki-Ptang-Zoom-Boing. Carcarius was an eager pupil and learned many secrets. When Carcarius returned to his clan he was no longer a measly runt, but their superior in every way. Humbling his former bullies was enjoyable, but somehow not enough to sate his desires. The endless clan warfare of his people seemed futile and silly to him now... Carcarius decided to once again leave his clan, and even Skull Island if he must, to gain more knowledge and power. Approaching Vadima once more, he begged her to find him a Pirate Captain to sign on with in order to learn the secrets of the Spiral!

I'm also thinking that the HMS Pinafore should hire a spy to join Spike's crew, and tell them where he's going, until the spy gets to know Spike better and betrays the HMS Pinafore by telling them he's heading for a different realm, and apologizes to Spike for his treachery, and promises to be loyal to Spike and Spike alone

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Spy rainbow dash it would really test her loyalty

Well, that is true, given her element is loyalty, but there'd still be the subject of how to sneak her into his crew without Spike realizing it's her

Easy dye her hair brown and slap on some contacts

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