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Teahouses New Chapter: "Transit: Upper Canterlot" Up! · 5:14pm Jul 11th, 2019

TTeahouses of Saddle Arabia
Twilight and Sunset learn a very important lesson: never underestimate the eccentricities of used bookstores on a cold Canterlot night.
Novel-Idea · 112k words  ·  133  4 · 1.1k views

I was originally going to wait until next Monday to do this, but I've decided to kick off my new release schedule early! That's right! Every Monday and Thursday, you'll get a new chapter of Teahouses! And let's start that right now!

...because this chapter has a rather big event that people have been wondering about for some time. It just happens in a subtle way. I'm VERY curious to see your theories and reactions to it!

Have fun and I'll see you Monday!


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