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I'm just someone who isn't much of a talker, but does like to share several ideas I've thought of.

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    My Thoughts on G5

    If you haven't seen MLP A New Generation yet, don't click on this until you watch it as this contains minor spoilers.

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    Job Report

    So, I've done my first few days of retail work. I've got to say it's a bit dull to me. It should only be temporary until I can figure out what career I want in the future. The problem is I have no clue what my career will be. I enjoy writing in my spare time, but unless I write an entire book at a constant pace, which is unlikely, I can't make a good profit.

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    New Job

    Hey, guys, I've been meaning to let you know about this sooner, but I've been caught up in some things so I got sidetracked. Anyways, I'll be working at my new job working at nightshift at Walmart. This is good since I won't have to keep depending on my parents' money, though it does mean I'll have less free time on my hands, and less free time means less time writing stories. So, if you guys

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    Gilda & the Gang

    So, I've started my 50th story about a group of griffons who kidnap younger griffs and train them into fighters. The young six are going to save them and while I don't want to give too much away, I was originally wanting Gilda to have a major role in the story. It's quite the thing I've been going back and forth

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Need an Opinion · 7:03am Jul 9th, 2019

So, I've released my newest story and it has an anthro tag, but I haven't thought of how to properly use it. Not going to lie, I was going back and forth whether this story would be normal or anthropomorphic. I'm asking you guys if I get rid of the Anthro tag and edit some the specific parts would you really mind?

Report PonyPixel · 110 views · Story: Lagging Dragon · #anthro #questions
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