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Hello everyone, Draxonos135 here. I mostly focus on Equestria Girls fanfics, and the one thing I like to do most is bring some kind of positive emotion to my readers.

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Elements of Redemptionverse · 10:11pm Jul 6th, 2019

I'm probably getting WAY too ahead of myself, but it's probably worth an idea.

So, a while ago, I completed a story titled "Elements of Redemption."

Basically, it's about an unlikely group of Flash Sentry, Wallflower Blush, Vignette Valencia, Juniper Montage, and Gloriosa Daisy joining forces under Scorpan, Tirek's brother, in order to provide redemption to antagonists in the Equestria Girls world.

This sounds like a crazy fanfic even Pinkie Pie would double take at, right?

Anyhow, I enjoyed the idea, and I wanted to work some more on it, but even I have to admit I arrived way too late on the party: we've only got a few months until MLP ends, and Equestria Girls will probably follow soon. I'm not trying to sound pessimistic, but realistic: other verses like the Lunaverse took several years to grow in popularity, but I only have two months to do so, which won't happen.

Anyhow, I just wanted to let everybody know that, if anybody's interested in writing stories set in this verse, I'd be happy. Heck, I'd probably be quite shocked too, but in a good way.

And... yeah, I guess that's all from me. I feel like I just stroked my own ego, but I don't know why XD

Draxonos135, flying away.

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