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Jade Dawn

A true fan can acknowledge the bad while still appreciating and cherishing the good. (known elsewhere as JurassicKaiju14)

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  • Today
    Where Men Cried

    Sam is the true hero of The Lord of the Rings. Even Tolkien thought so apparently.

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  • Thursday
    Superman | A Symbol of Hope

    When I was a child, I wanted to be Superman because of all of the amazing powers that he had. When I grew up, I still wanted to be Superman. Only, not because of his super powers, rather because of the kind of man he was.

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  • Wednesday
    This is how it starts.

    The fever, the rage, the feeling of powerlessness that turns good men…cruel.

    I'm so so sorry, I couldn't resist making that reference, plz don't hate me.

    3 comments · 13 views
  • Tuesday
    A reminder...

    Racism is still dumb.

    Can we please just get rid of it already? Maybe build a giant neuralyzer or whatever those things in the Men in Black movies are called and just erase it from all of humanity's minds?

    Please? Pretty please with a cherry on top?

    6 comments · 73 views
  • Monday
    Superman Suit Redesign (Updated)

    A while back, I posted a rough drawing I made of my own redesign of Superman's outfit. This is a slightly updated version, with longer arms, the dark blue segments brightened somewhat, and an adjusted symbol.

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Citizen Kane Trailer Edit · 6:58pm Jul 3rd, 2019

This was a trailer that I made as part of my editing course, in which we were supposed to take footage from Orson Welle’s Citizen Kane, and recut it into a trailer of our own design.

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