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no chapter today · 5:16pm Jun 30th, 2019

Sorry to bring you bad news, but I'm JUST not gonna be able to finish and edit this chapter in time. im a couple hundred words away from the end right now, but I just dont think I can do it in time.

How could this happen?

Well, there are a couple reasons:
-It got stupidly hot in germany last week. Plus, my workplace does not have air conditioning, cold drinks aside from tapwater or even just a frikkin fan. When I was done "working" (sitting around while literally nothing was done all day by anyone), I felt about as creative as a zombie.
-I bought They Are Billions and it's been distracting me... alot.
-I am a horrible procrastinator.

But fret not, because I am not just gonna sit on my nearly finished chapter and making you wait needlessly. Next week will have a double update, both on Saturday and Sunday. Yay, a double breezie day!

Sorry for the inconvenience,

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Comments ( 6 )

Yeah it was very very hot in Germany last week, and I should know because I live in Germany as well

thanks for understanding ^^

You’re welcome

It's fine I can wait

Double Sunday's yeah ^.^

Stupidly hot is the *worst*. I hope you get a break from that. Not fun at all. :raritywink:
Double breezie is good by me. Thanks Obsi! :twilightsmile:

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