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    Well that was a rapid and overwhelming response

    Seriously, I posted my last blog... three hours ago? And a bunch of you decided to pitch in. Uh... Thank you. Seriously. I mean it.


    I guess I should work on some ponyfic. See if I can get anything out for... let's say halloween? Yeah.


    Definitely going to go for some creepy pone!

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    It's been a long time, huh? Almost a year. And I'm back to beg for money.

    Le sigh...

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    Status Update: Mostly okay!

    I've got most of my workload for the month done, via my new RWBY/H:ZD fic, and a number of chapters in the pipeline! That said...

    this is awkward to admit but I kinda need sixty dollars to pay off my internet bill before the day is out.

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    A month's worth of radio silence




    There is so much I have to do....

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    I have not seen the finale

    but I have heard some spoilers, and I have a proposition for everyone to consider.

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AO3 Alert: No AO3 updates this month. · 5:07pm Jun 30th, 2019

That's right, this month was pure pony.

Well, half-pony.

Well, half-pony and a referece.

The eight-chapter story I'm calling P14 for shorthand came to me out of almost nowhere and has consumed my every day this last week. And now it is done. So if you want to read that, you can!

And I should be back next month with, hopefully, another update of Hc Svnt Equus Pinnis. (And other pony.)

(And thanks again to the people who support me!)

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