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What Happened? (Update) · 5:08am Jun 29th, 2019

If you look at my story list, you'll notice that both Hardware and Husklands are no longer present. Worry not, I did not delete them and I do plan on working on them more in the future. After much thought though, I've come to realize that I am mostly dissatisfied with how they are in their current forms and have decided to remove them for the time being until I can rewrite them into something that I can work off of in the future.

The Plan
Currently, my main focus is Snowbound and likely will be for some time. Even after that story is finished, I hope to continue writing it through short spin offs and mini sequels here and there, but nothing on too large of a scale. Once Snowbound has reached its conclusion, I will pick up either Hardware or Husklands and rewrite it, finishing it before moving on to the other. For the most part, the stories will remain relatively the same, with extra bits trimmed down and details reworked to actually make some logical sense. The main issue are that Husklands has so many side things going on that I really just wouldn't be able to finish it unless I cut out some of the more boring and unnecessary stuff. Hardware is kind of a mess because I didnt really have much of a plan going into it, so when the time comes, that will be rewritten into something a little shorter.

The Future
I still plan on writing the occasional Slice of Life fic or Comedy fic here or there. I imagine I'll be writing on this site for years to come, but once Snowbound, Husklands, and Hardware are complete, I probably will not be writing anything with more than a few chapters, certainly nothing beyond 10K words. By the time this happens, I'll probably be finishing up school, FiM will be long over with, and Elder Scrolls VI will probably be close to coming out and I do want to write some Elder Scrolls stuff eventually.

For now, that's about it.

Snowbound is priority until it's finished.
Husklands and Hardware will both be rewritten into something far superior to what they currently are.
I'll still write the occasional slice of life fic.

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