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  • 100 weeks
    Extremely Important Announcement...

    I'm just going to keep this as simple as possible. After January 2nd, I will be on an indefinite hiatus to deal with some personal demons. I'm not sure exactly how long this will last but rest assured, I do plan to be back whenever I'm done.

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  • 104 weeks
    Coming Soon...

    For those wondering, I'm still here and I'm still writing stories. Just with work, art commissions, and the holiday season, the stories have slowed to a crawl. But fear not, Saturday will be the release of the next chapter of Home For The Holidays. So get ready for more magical baby hijinks later this week.

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  • 106 weeks
    Kinda Strange...

    Tonight at midnight EST, I'll be on twitch streaming Life Is Strange. I'll be doing a "Max Is A B*tch" stream, which is all the choices that make Max seem like an ass. Check it out at www.twitch.tv/pabrony83

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  • 109 weeks
    Dear Google...

    When placing random ads before videos on YouTube, please keep in mind that an ad is NOT five minutes long. An ad is normally fifteen seconds to two minutes at the most.

    Thank you.

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  • 109 weeks
    Oh, Yeah...

    I also forgot to mention in my last post that the newest installment of the SciTwi Shimmer Chronicles is now up and ready for the viewing. Enjoy.

    THome For The Holidays
    Sunset and Twi head to Equestria with the twins.
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Please Help... · 11:12pm Jun 28th, 2019

A good friend of mine has a special needs child and the limited amount of doctors where she lives at, her daughter can't get the treatment that she needs. She set up a GoFundMe for an emergency moving fund so that her she can get her daughter the treatment she needs.

Here is the link to the fund:

Anything you can donate will be greatly appreciated.
Edit (7/13): If donating isn't possible, then please signal boost this.

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Comments ( 6 )

Can’t donate but I will signal boost this.

Comment posted by PantheraMan deleted Jun 29th, 2019

I went and made a blog about it.

Here it is

My friend says thank you.

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