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An artist, a historian, a firearms expert, a soldier, a critice, a writer, and a brony. but through it all, i am merely nothing compared to the creativity of others. be sure to let your's shine.

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  • 43 weeks
    Sorry for the delay

    Hey Guys sorry for being a little late with the current chapter, unfortunately I got Covid and was down for about 2 weeks so its been a mess and a half. luckily my strain in non-lethal so I'm fine currently, but with my difficulty breathing and loss of taste and smell, things have been very tiresome.

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  • 58 weeks
    Slight delay

    Hey guys I'm sorry for the delay on the next chapter but turns out its a little too long so I'm doing 2 at once. The next chapter and the final chapter for book 7 will be up only a day apart but it will take a little bit longer to finish them. but don't worry, the wait will be worth it.

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  • 82 weeks
    Next chapter and news

    Hey guys, sorry this chapter of loves lost decade took so long. A lot of stuff happened in the past month and I want to say this. To anyone who is or knows anyone fighting breast cancer. My heart goes out to you. on November 9th my sister who had been fighting breast cancer for thirteen years now sadly lost the fight and passed peacefully in her sleep. as always loosing family is a terrible

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  • 108 weeks
    Slight pause

    Sadly I'm gonna have to put the next chapter of Loves Lost decade on pause.
    The riots in TX have put us into a national emergency, so my gaurd unit has been activated. It should only be at around two weeks wait but if it's not one thing it's another.
    Luckily the chapter is finished and the first proofread is almost done, but since I'll be away from my computer for a while it will have to wait.

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  • 128 weeks
    Next Chapter is a 2 for 1

    Well this chapter took off without a problem... but I'm nearing the end of it and realized its WAY too long... Right now its 8690 words and I still have a bit more to go so... i'm gonna have to split it. this is both good and bad for when it gets posted.

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I'm still here. · 12:19pm Jun 28th, 2019

Hey guys and gals
Sorry for being AWOL for the past few weeks. The national guard called me up for a mission so I've been away for the past three weeks.

Luckily I managed to take my laptop with me so I was writing on my off time. So when I officially get back to my usual routine (probably this weekend) I'll finish proofing the chapters and post two for you all to see.

NOTE: to keep suspence I most likely will post one then the next on the following day. I honestly don't like blowing through a story all at once so I'll avoid posting it like that.

Either way, prepare to be surprised. That's all I'll say.
Catch ya'll later and stay awesome.

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