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No proofreader? Open proofreading? · 11:03pm Jun 26th, 2019

Edit: I think I have enough volunteers for pre-reading/proofreading, thank you, everyone! :pinkiehappy: I will keep this blog up, but just wanted to note that the response was better than I thought! /endedit.

I found a proofreader for my next story and on the last chapter they read, they said that—aside from some preferential suggestions and a few typos—they could almost make the argument that I don't need a pre-reader.

It's kind of a scary thought to me, but at the same time: exciting. Sometimes waiting for that feedback is agonizing(people have lives, unlike me), but I do enjoy having a second set of eyes and someone else's perspective looking over my stories before I publish them here. Although I'd be more free to work around my own schedule, and maybe publish chapters faster. But... feedback! Argh!

I am on the fence of how I want to proceed. The Fairy Tale Fiasco helped me to improve my writing and punctuation a lot, but that doesn't mean the occasional typo won't escape me.

Thorax shited his wings with a quick hum.

*face palm* Shifted... SHIFTED.

I like the idea of just publishing away without a pre-reader, but at the same time, I like that feedback I get before it goes public, even if it's from one person.

I've juggled the idea in my head about asking if anyone would want to pre-read my upcoming stories(Not Fairy Tale Facade, not yet), as that might get multiple people involved, meaning faster proofreading?

If a miracle happens and multiple people would like to help out, then I'd imagine not everyone would actually need to pre-read it for me to publish it. But I wasn't certain of the response or interest in that. I guess I'm asking that now then! I wonder if anyone is interested in pre-reading my next story: Ascension Attention.
It's a Slice of Life/Romance starring Thorax and Twilight.

More Info: It's set right after the beginning of season seven. Thorax is the new leader of the changelings, and is overwhelmed by everything that needs to be done to get the hive back in order and settled into a new lifestyle. Spike kicks off the story by paying him a visit and suggesting that Twilight—who has gone through a similar situation—might have some advice.

It's roughly 6k words average per chapter, atm.

I never imagined I'd be writing a slice of life, but there it is! So I definitely want a second opinion on how well the story is written. If you are interested, or need more info, feel free to comment here or message me with questions.

I write my stories first on google docs with comments open to anyone that has a link. So if you for certain want to read, I can send you the links for the prologue, chapter one and chapter two right away! And hopefully chapter three will be quick to follow—working on it right now!
Note: the prologue and chapter one have already been pre-read, but obviously you need to read the story in order. Although you may still throw in comments if you see anything that bugs you.

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Comments ( 5 )

I'd be happy to proofread for you if you'd like! I spend most of my time reading as is so I wouldn't mind being helpful. :twilightsmile:

Thank you! I'll send you a message with the links in a little bit. I am cooking dinner at the moment. :pinkiehappy:

I look forward to it and no thanks are necessary!

I will be happy to proofread

Hello there. I really loved your first Fairy Tale story and feel you’re a writer with a great deal of promise - I’d be happy to proofread some of this Slice of Life story you’re working on. Trying to get my feet wet doing some editing and proofreading myself before I write my own stories.

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