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I Had Forgotten How to Have Fun · 3:37pm Jun 26th, 2019


Never did I think I would have to come to the realization that I had lost sight of entertaining myself. I think this is due in part with all the other stories and projects I flooded my mind with, spiraling me into perhaps a mild case of depression (not to make it a massive deal, really). In short, I am convinced I had information overload.

Recently, I had gotten my Nintendo Switch and have been playing Crash Bandicoot games (N' Sane Trilogy and Team Racing). They are a blast as they are frustrating at times, but I enjoy the challenge. As I played them, I escaped and had fun without the need to think about anything else aside from the events happening on the screen.

When I jumped on board with this game I'm working on, video games became work mode. I began to play games with a squint in my eyes, meticulously observing of things I liked and disliked. I've now escaped that hole. Not everything needs to be about constantly shoving out things. I needed to breathe. And since I've done that, when I do find the time and energy to write, my words are somehow much more fluent. My artistic side feels relieved and refreshed.

The next task is to find a balance between entertainment and work. Procrastination and addictive tendencies are two symbiotic negatives that can quickly drag me down if I'm not conscious about them.

Anyway, here is my "I'm alive" blog post. Enjoy the summer and stay hydrated.

Freak, out.

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Yes, Fero please take some time for yourself. Even if your projects are fun, they can still be taxing and will require you to take a mental breather. I had to do the same thing after I burned myself down on information overload. :pinkiesick:

Also you picked some very good games! I actually just finished the N-Sane trilogy, I even have my Stormy Ascent finish saved onto my Xbox. And before you ask, yes, I did lose a bit of my sanity playing that level until I beat it. Started with 99 lives, ended with 22, but still worth it. I also got all of the special gems in the first game, I need to go back when I have some free time to collect the silver gems for getting all the boxes in the remaining two levels. Then move on to one hundred percenting the second and third games. I haven't played Team Racing yet, I forgot it was coming out so I didn't put any money aside for it. I'm hoping they re-master Nitro Kart at some point, that was always one of my favorites.

5080225 It’s easy to overwhelm myself sometimes and become intimidated with the load I create. But I’ve slowed down compared to my rate I was once at.

To be honest about Crash, I went straight over to 2 when I was trying to do the first game and the platforming was way too precise in my opinion. I’m nearly done with the story and half way with all the gems as of now. The time relics will be after I beat the story.

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