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I'm a newly-converted MLP fan and amateur writer. Oh, and a hard-core Fluttercord shipper. Got a problem with it? Come at me, Bro! (or sis)

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    Happy Val-Er, Hearts and Hooves Day!

    To those of you currently celebrating the Holiday of Love with your special someponies, enjoy the festivities and your significant others, with as much fun as you can. As for the rest of us that aren't so keen on the holiday....hi. As you've probably picked up on in my quasi-snarky tone, I'm...not particularly fond of this day. It's not that I hate it. It's just that I simply don't care. If you

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    I Have a Fan Reading!

    A few days ago, I was randomly surfing YouTube when I came across a video by Lotus Moon called "MLP Comedy Reading-King Sombra Went Down To Ponyville" and I thought, "Gee, what a coincidence! I wrote a story titled that!" So I clicked on it and guess what! It was my story! I am surprised and honored to have been chosen and I encourage you to check it out. Lotus Moon is a phenomenal

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    Happy Holidays, Y'all!

    Merry Christmas Happy Hearth's Warming, my brothers and sisters!

    Here's to wishing everyone on the site (and those no longer with us) a special happy holidays!

    Sorry about my recent tardiness on writing. I will update many of my stories very soon. Cross my heart and hope to fly and all that.

    Stay groovy, colts and fillies!



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    Nope, Still Here!

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Winner Winner Chicken Dinner! · 2:10am Jun 26th, 2019

The Fimfic group Monster Mares did their first writing contest, which was themed around less popular monster mares. Intrigued, I decided to enter and published two stories: "The Night Bird" (featuring an owl-pony) and "Beneath the Surface" (about a kelpie). Imagine my surprise when I found out that I won! Yeah, turns out the judges loved "Beneath the Surface."

As a result, I win an art commission from Lunar Flarion and a digital art piece of my pony OC by Grin_Grin, which I am eagerly awaiting. I still can't believe that I won, considering the great stories that were put up and the more deserving writers. I want to thank those judges for enjoying my work and for boosting my low self esteem and for everyone who liked my story and gave me positive feedback. I will definitely write more stories for the group and I encourage others to check it out as well.

Stay groovy, colts and fillies!

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Comments ( 5 )

That is Awesome!! Congratulations!!! :pinkiehappy::twilightsmile::raritystarry:

By the way, I like your profile pic

Thank you! I am rather proud of it. :twilightblush::pinkiehappy:

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