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Why I'm not a brony. · 2:36pm Jun 24th, 2019

I decided not to post a certain picture in this blog because I don't think anyone here wants to see a grown man in pony ears and diaper.

The dark side of the MLP fanbase is a terrible place. Too bad the normal fans of the franchise are looked down upon because of these so-called "FANS".

Report IDontWatchMLP · 203 views · #Brony
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Comments ( 29 )

Yeah. This is why I'm too scared to admit to my folks that I'm a Brony. They'll think of this.

Is that last one a BBC article?

Usually I would write some witty joke or something but I really got no words for this

Usually your daily posts have me :rainbowlaugh:

This one has me :facehoof:

Now I'm off to re-read The Race Post!

Go Banana Go! :derpytongue2:

I got to admit that I am a Brony that is proud to admit but I don't know what to say about this. I thought someone would have enough since to understand that the fandom isn't just Clop.

My parents had at one point become aware of my fanaticism to MLP. Although, normally I’m not very public about it because I can’t seem to find many others who share my adoration for it. I did try introducing my family to it once, although their reactions were rather mixed.

That’s why I’m not very public about being a brony, save for on here and Fanfiction.net.

Yeah... This is why we can't have nice things. Really sucks, otherwise I'd show my friends more of the positive things.

I just stay in a closet.

Yeah. I just awkwardly spin in a chair if available whenever the subject is brought up by Dad.

I assume he's not too keen.

I actually have no idea what he thinks. He might be fine, or he might not know of the better side.

Yeah. Say brony in my area, and people think of the clop.

I hate it when a few people tear down the entire foundation.

What about those bronies that saved one girl from an abusive family? Yeah apparently they don’t exist (although it is a real story, don’t have all the details), since there’s a couple people like this the entire fandom must be like this, right?

Well, considering Weird Al and Chuggaaconroy are bronies, that’s a solid no, but does anyone care? No!

I hate people like this.

They’re a cancer to the fandom

Holy Hell, the guy who posted the one about the CMC should be in a freakin asylum! That is downright sadistic! Disgraceful human being!

The 20yr is pure gold to imagine, just some guy going at a horse, shouting rainbow dash

we all have a dark side to fandoms

All so true shivers

whether it's just macabre freaky shippers or sociopaths who lash out and eat their own who do not completely align

Yeah. I can’t [REDACTED] deal with this crap about us. It’s the dark side of every fandom and most of the people that slam the MLP fandom are part of their fandom’s dark side.

I don't believe any of us here are apart of that corner of the fandom. :twilightoops:

But I still concider you a brony mate. :twilightblush:

If not what do I call you because ye aren't an outsider. :derpytongue2:

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