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    Merry Christmas 🎅

    I like to wish a big merry Christmas to everyone pony and a happy new year 🎉

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    oc idea

    I love this zombie girl design it got me thinking of making a story with a zombie pony oc what do you all think.

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    Happy new year every pony I hope everyone has a good new year and many many more i love you storys and I hope to see more and more great new story all of you are amazing :twilightsmile::ajsmug::fluttershyouch::raritywink::rainbowlaugh::pinkiehappy:

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    so yea i tried to make a story and i posted it hoping i get a approval but sadly no the reply i got was more or less saying level of grammar and/or lack of punctuation in this story is too severe and it be best if i get a pre reader to look over it so yea am finding out posting a story here not as easy as i thought anyone no any good proofreading group

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    I just made a fan fic story and uploaded to the site and it saying waiting for approval how long will that take

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thinking of making a story · 1:42am Jun 24th, 2019

i been thinking of making a fanfic story for a long time and am not going to lie am a very very big noob at it, so here my theme it be human meet pony yes yes i no but that my fav type fanfic story , the story will be humas displaced or will be brought to the mlp would by chance ,unknown force ,etc ( i think of something more ) so here my ideas so far for titles and story

1) title name . by the power of pony . story. a man of Ian Grey age 25 go to comic con convention as he dress as the 2002 he-man and the master of the universe , while there he come across a stand selling old 80 merchandise from old 80 cartoons show as well as reboot merchandise of said shows ,the salesman is the mask salesman form the legend of zelda majoras mask ( btw if someone used him in his/her story am sorry as i said am new and i didnt now so i change it if you feel like i'm stealing your idea which i swear am not) he sales you item from the he man show among other item based on the 80 show and the reboot of said show which after the sales is complete he gets sent to the mlp, i no there not much detail but think of this as a ruff draft and the lot of my ideas are like this as i explain them to you just for you all to get the basic idea.

2) title name. were the bad guys well kinder . story 6 friends goes to a convention together as they done for many years these friends are big fan of 80 cartoon do to they family upbringing showing them and letting them watch cartoon classics and as such they all decide to dress up as the villains of this old shows, this friends are Kyle Evens age 23 dress as the shredder from teenage mutant ninja turtles, Addam North age 24 dress as tex hex from brave star, Philip Harris age 24 dress as venger from dungeons and dragons, Aaron Harris age 26 dress as hordak from she ra, Arthur Blackwood age 25 dress as mumm-ra from thundercats and Harry Blackwood age 22 dress as mon star from silverhawks, this friends explore convention and find a stand selling items used by the characters they are dressed as and more and the sales nonather then Destro from the G.I Joe cartoon. the sales goes well and this 6 friends are sent to the mlp would. now in the would of equestria they must use they evil powers to protect this would from this unknown invaders, will the pony of this would see them as heroes or villains.

3Title name.Am a wizard .Story. After long walk in the green woods of wales a man name of Darien Coch Draig the age of 23 discovers a long forgotten stone structure hidden in the green wood, as the man explores the ruins he comes face to face to a strange black horse yet this horse seems otherworldly which is proving true when its specks , have you come to return to yours ancestors home young one, on which Darien go to the mlp (more detail will be giving if its made) would were he discovers he can do magic from the memories of all the anime, games, cartoon and manga his read and played in his life(i don't plan to make him to over powerful from begin but he will get better in time) , he need this magic and master it in order to fight the a enemy long and forgotten in equestria, he will discover both his would and equestria are more connected then he could ever imagine for equestria hangs in the balance, the forgotten evil knows the human is here in equestria and is a threat to the plans and if they don't stop this human this lost allie of equestria, he will stop them and this time for good, so will our hero be able to stop this evil his ancestors could not or will he make the same sacrifice they did only time will tell.

so thats my ideas so far for story as i said am new to this i have plans for more story and ideas and i plan to post them as i done her ,so i what everyone's opinion on what you think of this, which story sounds the best which one should i start with, the pro and con , any tips and advice would be greatly appreciated on how to wright it, how to upload it on here and how to wright the story on fimfiction i hope to hear from you soon thank you yours dar88

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I like the idea about he-man going to equestria but the title seems weird

how about changeing it to "By the power of equestria." just a suggestion

That not a bad idea thanks for the idea

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