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Isn't it just lovely . . . · 10:34pm Jun 23rd, 2019

When ages ago you wrote something you thought was cool, then decided halfway through writing it that it sucked but rolled with it anyway more or less to completion before coming back a while afterwards to give it a look-over and ended up absolutely despising the sight of it?

No? I guess it's the next stage, then, that's pretty damn neat. When you come back to it after forgetting it existed, read it with fresh eyes and be pleasantly surprised with the standard of what you previously believed to be a subpar, rush-hour-writing mess. I'm there.

Which means you lot will be getting a little story from me. It's nothing great, let's not pretend it is. But it's something, and it's better than the lowest-tier joke-shot I thought it was.

Of course, the main stuff is still on its way, however many times I've made that exact statement and seemingly not delivered. On and off the Pitch, guys, it's killing me. But it is sooo cloooose . . .

Almost there, people. Almost there. Let's hope that means only a month or two.

Acologic out.

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