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  • 2 weeks
    Special - Rainbow Roadtrip


    Rainbow Dash has been invited to the Rainbow Festival at Hope Hollow as a guest of honor. She and her friends hop on a balloon, but when they crash land, no one is there to greet them. The mystery grows at sunrise when the entire town and the ponies in it are revealed to have been drained of color. While Twilight Sparkle tries to find out what caused the town to fade, her friends help the local ponies plan a new rainbow festival, making friends along the way, and restoring the hope missing from Hope Hollow.

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  • 5 weeks
    S9E12 - The Last Crusade


    Unexpected visitors to Ponyville threaten to break up the Cutie Mark Crusaders forever.

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  • 6 weeks
    S9E11 - Student Counsel


    Starlight Glimmer relishes her role as school counsellor and encourages the students to come to her anytime about anything , but she becomes overwhelmed and learns a lesson.

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    Apologies for the late post.

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  • 7 weeks
    S9E10 - Going to Seed


    Applejack's plans for an orderly harvest go awry when Apple Bloom becomes obsessed with catching a magical creature she thinks can help them

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    124 comments · 4,333 views
  • 8 weeks
    S9E9 - Sweet and Smoky


    Smolder returns to the Dragonlands with Spike and Fluttershy to help cheer up her sensitive brother, but when they arrive they discover the dragon eggs aren't hatching

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  • 9 weeks
    S9E8 - Frenemies


    Grogar sends his legion of doom on a mission to become allies, but his plan works too well and they almost become friends.

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    299 comments · 6,964 views
  • 10 weeks
    S9E7 - She's All Yak


    When Sandbar asks Yona to a pony dance, she goes to Rarity and her friends for a makeover in appearance and personality.

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  • 11 weeks
    S9E6 - Common Ground


    Rainbow Dash's old pal Quibble Pants needs help to bond with the daughter of his new special friend because, like Dash, she's a real sports pony.

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  • 12 weeks
    S9E5 - The Point Of No Return


    Twilight realizes she never returned a book to the Canterlot Library and may have caused her favourite librarian to lose her job.

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  • 13 weeks
    S9E4 - Twilight's Seven


    Twilight and Shining Armor pit their wits against each other to settle a long-standing sibling rivalry, but they soon discover they aren't the only competitors

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    365 comments · 6,771 views

Episode Discussion » S9E13 - Between Dark and Dawn · 1:13pm June 22nd


Luna and Celestia take a sister vacation while Twilight and her friends struggle to cover the princesses' many royal duties.

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Comments ( 416 )

Well... only 13 episodes left.

Thank the five alicorns, we can finally put The Last Crusade in the rear-view mirror! No more 500-miles-long comments about Snap Shutter and Mane Allgood's parenting skills! Huzzah! We can finally move on with our lives!

*my nonexistent Italian friend whispers in my ear*

...What do you mean, this one's p*ssing people off too?

Jokes aside, I'm actually feeling fairly optimistic going into this episode.

Gail Simone sucks at writing.

Nicole and Tabitha made this episode.


Gail Simone sucks at writing.

You shut your damn mouth.

Say, rather, that not even she can rescue these characters anymore.

I'd point out how ridiculous it is for Celestia to be afraid of chickens... but considering what happened in the final issue of IDW'S Friends Forever... I can't help but wonder if this is some weird form of PTSD....


Tatsuma #6 · June 22nd · · 8 ·

Some people are never happy. I find it funny how some amateur think they can do better than a professional writer.

:rainbowkiss: - DoN't wOrRRY TWi, wE gOt tHiS.

Capper is the best.

Nah, it was definitely Simone just doing her thing.

This was an amusing, well-written episode and I have no complaints.


Can you remember the last episode that didn’t split the fandom in half over how much they liked/hated it?

I'm fairly certain there's a more recent example, but I just going off the top of my head I remember the general reaction to Twilight's Seven being pretty positive.

The Perfect Pear. The part of the fandom that dislikes it is a small minority.

I do. What's the point in delegating when you can just cut out the incompetent middlemen and put the people who actually know what they're doing in charge?

This and Frenemies are my favorite episodes of the season so far.

Luna was cuter than usual. Probably because this was the first time she actually expressed enthusiasm instead of being the stoic one. Also I can relate to her more since I don't really like the extreme stuff. I'd rather just relax then fear for my life in case something went wrong will a thrill-seeking ride or activity:twilightoops:.

Here's also a Lunabetes Cuteness Meter: - :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart: - :heart::heart::heart: - :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart: - :heart::heart::heart::heart:

kztxl7 #18 · June 22nd · · 4 ·

At this point I'm almost guaranteed to side with writers because of most of the crap people whine about is either stupid, entitled, or obnoxiously nitpicky

One of the worst episodes of this season my opinion. Really don’t like how the characters are in this episode especially Luna and Celestia.

Why didn’t Fluttershy use her stare ability to stop the turtle or twilight use her teleportation to help spike?

ditto, a lot of fun in both of them


Why didn’t Fluttershy use her stare ability to stop the turtle

She did.

or twilight use her teleportation to help spike?

Because she's an idiot.

I agree with you there, like in the We Hate Everything About MLP complaining about Applejack being kin to both orange and pear. I think people don't understand that professional writer have to deal with time restraint, FFC regulation, and other stuff.

It like how the fans of the TMNT comics hate the 1980s TMNT cartoon. They couldn't show human being hurt or kill which is why they change the foot ninja into robots. And they change Baxter Stockman from black to white because they were worried that people would scream racism even though the Shredder(Oroku Saki) is Japanese. And I doubt they could show Hamato Yoshi's wife being beaten by Oroku Nagi.

And I wouldn't say no to any of it:rainbowkiss:.

So... seems 2Snacks has gone cannon now.

So Pinkie was short for "Pinkerton" this whole time!

I keep thinking Luna ought to be the adventurous one. That opinion probably somes from the IDW comics.

And that is how Twilight destroyed Equestria. The End. :yay:

It's still an amusing episode though.

Twilight forgets she can teleport all the time...I just don't think the girl can think on her hooves.

Anyone want to tell me why Twi gets beat by a giant chicken, but takes out Sombra?

And once again Twilight bit off more than she can chew. I'm surprise she haven't have a heart-attack yet.

Now we know where Spike got his zip-lining idea from.

I think Luna should be made the Postmaster General of Equestria.

Apparently, Celestia indirectly taught Twilight how to be a worrywart and a control freak.

I wish we could have a giant turtle garbage removal in real life.

I wondered how long it take before people complain about Celestia being afraid of chicken. Just because an animal look cute and adorable doesn't mean it isn't dangerous.

And once again Spike prove that why being Twilight's assistant is one of the most important job in Equestria.

5078036 For a smart alicorn, Twi sure did cling to the Idiot Ball

When Celestia and Luna returned, Twilight told them that they could take their job, and keep it!


And once again Twilight bit off more than she can chew

Pretty sure that category embraces everything above oat mash at this point.


Anyone want to tell me why Twi gets beat by a giant chicken, but takes out Sombra?

Because she tried to do the first on her own, when she can't in fact function or contribute to any degree without a whole support structure.

Twilight, asking for help is not a sign of weakness. I know you know this. :facehoof:

And cue zimmerwald giving me this "I told you so" lecture even though it's entirely possible for Twilight to have an ego and forgo her common sense...

This was a fun way to close out the first half of the season. We haven't had a proper Royal Sister episode since A Royal Problem, and seeing how different they are and how much they get on each other's nerves is always a treat. Especially since the transition between them bonding and their falling out was rather gradual and expertly paced. The subplot with Twilight taking over the dumb swan celebration was not too shabby, either. In fact, it shows that even all-powerful rulers would be fools to try to do everything by themselves. So, yeah. No complaints. :twilightsmile:

I think Fluttershy only uses her stare if it's really important. As she can talk with animals, at least she did tell the turtle to stop.

I'm still baffled at the fact that Twilight can block blasts from Sombra (with some difficulty); someone who stalemated Celestia, yet a small amount of Celestia and Luna's power can do something she cannot. It's like the writers are trying to say she's close in power to the Sisters, yet at the same time is nowhere near them.

Egil #43 · June 22nd · · ·


You and me both, friend.

It's a bit of a stretch, but I predict that Celestia and Luna are somehow going to sacrifice themselves in the finale. I don't know how but I just think maybe. Which would teach us the final and hardest lesson of friendship that ALL will inevitably learn...saying goodbye.

If this will be the LAST episode we will see them in their care free form then it didn't disappoint.

13 episodes left :pinkiesad2:


I know you know this.

Apparently you are wrong.

And in any event, asking for help is absolutely a sign of weakness. It's just that being weaker than the super-being of your own expectations isn't shameful.


Why didn’t [...] twilight use her teleportation to help spike?

Because Twilight's powers have always been entirely conditional on the needs of the plot -- there have been dozens of episodes that could have had their problems solved in a blink by Twilight teleporting herself or others to safety. The infamous "leap of faith" in "Feeling Pinkie Keen", for instance -- going by the lengths she's teleported before and since, Twilight should easily have been able to clear a few meters. Generally speaking, if a story can quickly be resolved by Twilight teleporting, then she won't.

To be entirely honest, I think that the show should either have not introduced teleporting to begin with or kept it as a difficult and potentially dangerous thing like it was in "The Ticket Master". Oh well; hindsight's 20/20.

Eh, that's assuming that the sun and moon thing is strictly power-based and that raw magic power scales evenly for everything, which we don't know. If anything, "A Royal Problem" and "Horse Play" imply that raising and setting the sun and moon is more closely tied to Luna and Celestia's personal talents/cutie marks/innate magic than to raw strength.

They pretty explicitly use the term "power" when they give her the amulet, hence why I brought it up. How does "A Royal Problem" imply that? I can understand "Horse Play" but what about the former episode?

regarding of Celestia being scared of chicken... did you notice that some birds in equestria seems to be feathered bundles of hatred? (like chihuauas with wings) such as the gooses used in Twilight's Seven or this same episode with the swans? not to mention cockatrices... who knows what the chicken is on about....
i can't imagine what is an equestrian Emu like....

I was disappointed by the amulet. For a moment I that the writers were going to have Twilight research how the unicorn's raised the sun and the mood before Celestia and Luna came to power. Could have been some cool world building.

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