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I'm just someone who likes writing stories.

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  • 15 weeks
    Delays in updates for Rage.

    As I feared, as we go into the second half of Rage of a queen, updates will not be as clockwork regular. I did have to sit down and rewrite most of the second part, and I just first today sent chapter 12 to the editor, but I'm hoping it will be ready sometime this week, but I much rather delay the update and give you a good chapter, than a poorly edited mess if I just let my own editing suffice.

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    Apologies for late update.

    I noticed I didn't press the publish button for chapter 9, of Rage yesterday, but that has been fixed.

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    Rage is on.

    Well first chapter of Rage of a Queen. Wrath of A Mother is up. I hope you all enjoy this crazy ride as much as I have enjoyed writing it.


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    So what's after Rage?

    Now that I've revealed that I've already finished writing nearly half of Rage, the sequel to last of the dark ponies, I probably should touch on what happens after that story is done and published.

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  • 31 weeks
    Status on Stories.

    I am still very much alive, creatively though, I kind of just went quiet mostly because work got rather busy.

    I'm still writing Rage and I'm already finishing up chapter 12, which does mean I'm very close to the halfway point of the story (you may have noticed I don't really write that long stories, they rarely go past 20+ chapters)

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Proper story writing should resume after the coming week. · 10:37am Jun 22nd, 2019

Why? I'm finally on summer vacation. I wasn't intending to take that long of a break, but I took a little longer than expected to recover from my wisdom tooth extraction at the beginning of the month and I decided to just hold off on any projects until I went to summer vacation in beginning of July.

It wasn't as bad as when I had the first two removed in January, mostly because the dentist didn't need to break up the tooth to get it out, but I was still pretty beat for almost a full week (as opposed to two last time)

There was also the not so unexpected but still took me a little bit to adjust to thing from work, but I finally have something to do the entire day, my warehouse was merging with another and my job shifted to other things than I was originally doing. While all of this was happening for the past several months, I actually sometimes had nothing do do, I lost count how many times I was just cleaning the already clean packing area where I worked. Now is quite different, I don't handle clothes anymore, and now have the day usually full getting things into the shelves so the pickers can gather store items for the stores. I actually do pick as well in the morning but it pales compared to the pickers who handle the supermarket grocery wares, because it's only toys and special items.

So you can imagine I'm pretty beat when I return home in the afternoon as It's been months since I've had this much to do everyday.

However, summer vacation is right around the corner and that should help get me started again on things here.

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