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Summer 2019 Update · 4:02pm Jun 20th, 2019

Hello everyone. I wanted to upload a new blog about what's going to be happening for the rest of summer, including upcoming projects, what's happening IRL and other information that will affect my time here on FiMfiction. I'll list everything out in the order of which I hope to complete these tasks. This blog post will stretch everything that will be happening from now, in June, to late August/early September. Probably the main key thing that I'll be talking about will be what stories I'll be working on, especially ones which I hope to continue. I hope at least that these stories down below will be uploaded and completed. However, that could be subject to change depending on what's happening at home.

1. I Am Not a Monster
Teen, Horror, Applejack, Autumn Blaze

I apologise greatly for the long delay for the next chapter to be uploaded. I can say that the fifth chapter, which will conclude Act I, is now finished and is currently being edited at the moment. I'm waiting for my editor to come back, although I know that they haven't been online for a while. So, I'm now starting to consider wherever I upload anyway or continue waiting. I still haven't come to a final decision yet. I can only say that the earliest time the chapter will be released would be between very late June - late July. I will also start working on Act II.

2. The Armada Trilogy III
Teen, Adventure, Twilight Sparkle, Tempest Shadow

This story will conclude my Armada Trilogy, featuring Tempest Shadow. It will continue directly from the events of The Armada Trilogy II: Beautiful Eyes and go through some of Tempest's past again, as well as the connection between her and Princess Celestia. I have no plans to write anymore stories based on Tempest Shadow after I've finished Armada III, but who knows? This should be released after August (hopefully).

3. You Are Fluttershy - Chapter 2
Everyone, Human, Alternative Universe, Comedy, Fluttershy, OC

So, I've wanted to write a continuation to You Are Fluttershy since publishing it. I thought about either publishing a new story, and then write more chapters over time, or upload a second chapter. What would you guys like me to do? I would love to continue this story. There would be many more stories of Anastasia as Fluttershy that I would love to write about!

So these are the main stories that I have plans to either write, continue or complete. I'm sure that I'll think of other stories to write about, but those seem to be the ones that I've wanted to focus on for a while now. I hope you guys will enjoy reading them!

Now during August, I'll be offline because I'll be on holiday. So, I'll try to be on FiMfiction as long as I can each day for writing, with the odd exception depending on what's happening IRL. I should be back daily from September onwards. Even though the show will be ending, I have no plans for quitting writing. I enjoy it and I feel blessed that you guys enjoy my content as well.

Thank you for all your support and stay awesome! :rainbowwild:

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Comments ( 18 )

Sounds like a good plan. Sort of have a mature story planned on my own, hope it won't backfire

I also hope that people don't become too hurtful when it comes to mature content.

I hear ya. that's the fear with writing it for the first time. Mine will be actually a collab, with another author writing the mature part, I only write the part leading up to it.

I just wait for him to be ready. Wanna know more? I'll send a PM.

Comment posted by Bronycommander deleted Jun 20th, 2019

Hope your summer will be filled with many delightful surprises!

Also nothing wrong with Mature, some stories need that extra omph.

Thanks. Btw, I adore your avatar! :yay:

Ty, it's Fluttershee lol.

Your avatar is super adorable too!

Hehe, Fluttershee! Why thank you! I love Fluttershy.

Your welcome!

I personally enjoyed You are Fluttershy!

So wouldn't mind seeing more on the horizon.

I'm glad you enjoyed reading it. I loved writing You Are Fluttershy, so I'll certainly continue the story in one way or another.

You has a plan! :rainbowdetermined2:

:rainbowwild: I’m super excited too! The next ch of my epic has the big battle with (spoilers, darling :raritywink:) that everyone has been waiting for plus something extra. :raritywink:

Sounds awesome as ever.

Yup! I’m so excite! :pinkiehappy:!

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