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NOTICE: Hùndùn Undergoing Major Revamp · 6:01pm Jun 19th, 2019

Hey, everyone!

So, first of all, before I say anything else:

Please do not panic. I promise: everything's going to make sense by the end of this.

With that said, here I go.

I love writing more than anything. As far as I'm concerned, it's my reason for being. However, since graduating high school just a few years ago, I haven't been able to write nearly as much as I'd like to. One of the more obvious ways this has been manifesting is that my publishing schedule on FiMFiction has slowed to a crawl. Several months usually go by between new Hùndùn chapters being published, and I haven't updated Revenge Solves Everything in TWO GODDAMN YEARS.

Aaugh. Anyway.

My problem is, at this time, writing can only be a hobby for me. Until I start making a livable income with it, that's all it can be. That's compounded by the fact that I can only legally generate income from one of my major projects at this time, because the other one is a fanfic of an intellectual property of Hasbro, who are notoriously unforgiving of any perceived copyright infringement. Look up the Fighting is Magic fan game if you don't know what I'm talking about.

I am, of course, referring to my original novel Rainbow, as well as my sister and I's fic Hùndùn. Right now, I can only make any income from the former, because that's the only major product I wholly own the copyright for.

The purpose of this revamp is to change that.

Here's the main crux of what I'm doing: I am renaming (almost) all of the characters so that, for legal purposes, I can claim Hùndùn as an original work under my ownership. For instance: my sister and I have rechristened Twilight Sparkle as "Sandhya Ailene," and Spike as "Lance." Likewise, Rainbow Dash is now "Paige Hawking," Rarity is "Juliet Austen," and Applejack is "Jaclyn Appaloosa."

Aside from making it legal to generate income from this fic, it will also fix some major internal problems; many of which you guys noticed and pointed out to me! For example: we've (initially) renamed Adagio Dazzle as "Sonata," which has unfortunately caused you guys a lot of confusion. We'll no longer have that problem; for the purposes of Hùndùn, Adagio will henceforth be known as the "Goddess Nüwe."

All this is towards a single purpose: to publish Hùndùn as a full-fledged Light Novel. We're also designing illustrations for it; the SFW ones will be published within the story, and every illustration will be available on Hùndùn's dedicated site, as well as its published volumes.

I'll let you all know when the renovations are complete! Thank you all for your patience; I'll catch ya later! :twilightsmile:

August 3 Update: Nevermind. The story's back to its original status.

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Comment posted by Mugen Kagemaru deleted Jun 19th, 2019

Of course it's continuing! The rebrand is so that I can start selling it and work on it full-time.

"Hùndùn" is Discord. Pretty simple.

(Oops, didn't mean to delete that, meant to edit it...)

I don't recall you explaining why the story was renamed...

...or what "Hùndùn" even means...

"Hùndùn" is Discord. Pretty simple.

Not so simple to those who don't know whichever Eastern language that is.

If you did, then sorry for missing it, and can I please have a link?

I've seen that the renovation is applying to the fanfic as well. That's... going to be awkward.

I'd personally recommend you save the name changes for what you plan to sell, and keep the MLP fanfic as is.


If you did, then sorry for missing it, and can I please have a link?

I said it in some reply to one of the fic's comments. It's in the prologue and story description now, though.

I'd personally recommend you save the name changes for what you plan to sell, and keep the MLP fanfic as is.

I thought of doing that, but if I did I'd have to write two separate versions of the story and keep straight which names applied to which prose. It's just easier and more cohesive this way.

Good luck keeping quite a few of them around as they are confused as to who's who.

Also you didn't say WHICH Chinese "Hùndùn" is from.

Each variant of Chinese has a slightly different pronunciation of "混沌," but the word and its variations are universal for every dialect and region of Chinese speakers. "Hùndùn" specifically is the Mandarin pronunciation.

So will it still be on this site or will it be posted elsewhere, and if the latter, where?

And will the characters still look the same, or will their appearances be changed as well?

It'll still be here; their appearances (except for their Marks, which are being simplified and stylized) aren't changing.

You might want to see if you can do other, more general rewrites on the fic, both because you can probably improve other points using new experience (especially in the earlier chapters), and because changing only the names might still qualify the fic as copyright infringement, as it's only a few names away from a blatant case.

You may also want to check with FimFiction staff; completely removing the names may make the story, so far as they are concerned, not ponyfic, and lead to them asking you to remove it from the site. Hopefully they won't, whether you alert them or not.

Good luck with all of your works! Hope to see more soon!

5079553 Thanks for all the suggestions! :twilightsmile:

BTW, what sort of other rewrites do you think would be helpful?

Honestly? It's been a while since I've read the earlier chapters, so I had no specific suggestions in mind; I was more concerned about copyright, since that's what you were worried about. I'd suggest rereading the work itself, as you revamp it, to see what else you might want to change. Have any of the character's concepts changed as you've written the story?

Rereading the first couple of chapters, it almost looks like you've made other small rewrites to the chapters themselves, besides using find-replace on the names. I may have forgotten how divorced it was from the show initially; at the very least, I didn't regret the re-read. The writing quality throughout the story is certainly enough to support Hundun as an independent work! Hopefully this revamp helps you write a little more.

Comment posted by MosAnted deleted Jul 19th, 2019

Oh, why did you change your mind again? I liked the change personally lmao

The vast majority didn't like it; the revamp is now a personal project.

Will you be posting it anywhere? Like your personal website?

Probably. Also on the fic's dedicated site.

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