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A break away from No Hugs · 8:58pm Jun 18th, 2019

Not the most subtle of titles as I tend to be vague with my blogs to try and coax people to read what I blog about.

And this is something I did not want to write or act upon. There is good news among this: I got my writing groove back. I don’t know where it went but it has returned.

However, it’s by doing other things. The game I’ve been working on has gotten some great progress done and another fic I’ve been concocting has also got some ground covered as well.

I don’t know when, but I won’t abandon it. No Hugs is always in my subconscious, telling me there is something that I want to finish.

What I will say is that I am grateful for everyone who has was are enjoying the story so far. But even though I am as close as i am to the end, feel like my step back is a breath of fresh air.

Thanks as always.

Freak, out.

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Take as long as you need with this break, my friend. (Gives FC a comforting hug)

Take your time, Fero. You're currently balancing several projects, knowing when to put one on the back burner is a good skill to have. :twilightsmile: And is that a new profile picture? I don't remember it being colored in last time I read No Hugs. :rainbowderp:

5076783 I had someone do a commission for it. It has that pixel style and even made it an emote on Discord.

But thanks for understanding. I wish I could do it all but it’s a challenge

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