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A Prench Tale Part 2 Conclusion & Part 3 Release Date · 8:05pm Jun 16th, 2019

Hello dear readers!

Part 2 of A Prench Tale was mostly completed this week with Chapter 14. The story will resume with Part 3 and Chapter 15, the provisional post date being July 17th.

Once again, I wish to thank you all for reading my story, and for commenting for those who do! Your feedback is always appreciated and helps improving the story!

~ Why the 'mostly' completed ~

Like the later half of Part 1, the chapters of Part 2 weren't written in advance. I was sick during the first weeks of May, which combined with the unexpected length of about half of Part 2's chapters (I usually aim for 8,000 words-long chapters) forced me to shift post day from Wednesday to Thursday. The past two weeks I also had the reaaaaally bad idea to start reading some long fics on the side, something that I knew had to be absolutely avoided, which lead me to pull all-nighters and +24h-long constant work sessions for each of the last two chapters.

The good side is that this allowed me to smash my previous daily wordcount records (the previous 3,000 being now 8,000/10,000). The bad was that it didn't always leave me enough time to fine-tune my chapters. Specifically, I'm really not satisfied with most of the trial scenes of Chapter 13, the end being especially rushed – I'll rewrite it if I have the time – and one scene was cut from Chapter 14. Since posting the latter, I've decided to re-include that missing scene, which I'll write in the coming days. The 'director's cut' Chapter 14 will have something like a 'v.2' mention, and I'll also post a dedicated blog post which will include the full scene for those who wouldn't want to read the full chapter again. This scene is not plot-essential, all its aspects being summarized in the chapter as is. For future readers, if the chapter you just went through had a Laurence PoV part, then you already know what I'm talking about!

~ Why the 'provisional' post date ~

There was only a two-weeks hiatus between Part 1 and Part 2, because I wanted to post a chapter on May 1st. However, I didn't manage my time effectively (didn't help that writing is my perfect crutch when dealing with depression, and I relapse every time my subconscious knows that my schedule is more relaxed – that's precisely why this blog post is late and that the cut scene isn't written yet). This time, I've decided to leave myself a good month to do all the missing ground work for Part 3, write at least one third of the chapters, and do a cover art I'm happy with (I'm really not satisfied with the rushed Part 2 cover, which will be reworked if I have time). Being more conscious of how my brain works in this situation, I'll do my best to avoid its pitfalls and come back with more quality writing, and with a more relaxed workflow for Part 3 I'll also be able to complete some other stories!

But here's the reason for the 'provisional': I may have found a job, starting on July 1st, which would require a significant move and could be pretty intensive. This would also force me to cram a lot of stuff in just two weeks to prepare for the move. Therefore, the production of Part 3 could be severely impacted, and it is possible that I would be forced to move from weekly to biweekly updates.

We'll see how it goes!

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