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A Happy Father's Day Message to Dads Everywhere! (Warning - adult humour involved!) · 2:59pm Jun 16th, 2019

Dearest Dads everywhere,

Thank you for all that you have done,
For not without you and mum, you would have no son,
And so, I thank you, Daddy, for being there for me and for bringing me up to be a macho man,
One day, I hope to grow up to be as manly and as hairy as you, both upstairs and downstairs,
But I seriously hope I don't get any grey hairs, for I would rather go bare,
Dads are for sharing a pint with and for having a friend to enjoy life with,
Move over mothers and daughters, my Daddy's in the room, and it may get a bit rude,
But don't worry, nothing too crude is shown here on Father's Day; just the friendly chat over a pint,
And so, 'Happy Father's Day!' I shall sing to my Daddy Dearest as I become tipsy from the hops in my lager,
For, without your son, you wouldn't be a father on this day.

With love, from sons to fathers everywhere,

Happy Father's Day.


Remember: before you lecture me about how rude this is, you clicked the button to read it! What can I say? I'm English. It's on the agenda, look it up! 💛:rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowkiss:

But seriously, Happy Father's Day!


With love, From England,

- FireRain 💛

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Comments ( 4 )

Don’t celebrate Father’s Day

I liked the humor quite so :3


Tee-hee! That's some English humour for ya! Practically everything said over here is an innuendo or something else equally as perverted! The slang we use in such context is, ''Pervy!''

Lovely Jubbly! (There's another one for ya! From Only Fools and Horses!)

I remember my first time seeing English humor was through The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy.

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